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BBC News: British troops given guide to Estonian strip clubs

British troops given guide to Estonian strip clubs –

With the current state of Korea v Japan etc in respect to so called “comfort woman” during the wars … This stands there screaming out loud of British inability to stop acting like idiots … well I’m being so tactful right now.. but.. really? What will we see in 50 years .. Eastonian governments accusing the UK of the same thing that Korea accuses Japan of now ?

Wow.. so glad all I do is photograph natural people *cough* lol 🙂 

Meh.. who cares. 

BBC News: Philippine President Duterte curses Obama over human rights

Philippine President Duterte curses Obama over human rights –

Well.. the comment about Obama made me laugh.. have to hand it to Duterte, he’s coming across as a man not to be manipulated by the USA and although I don’t agree with outright killing of people … He has a point.. and it’s working. .. so if he’s man enough and passionate enough to stand up to these parasites that are feeding the addiction of others…. well then. . good on him for doing so. . And shame on the UN for being such a pack of useless twats as are they always. 

Time to sit back and watch the fun…

That and North Korea firing more missiles into Japanese waters… This is going to be an entertaining year :p

Korea Day festival 2011

Well, this is the second one I have attended, and, I have to admit, it was not as good as last year… in fact, this year there was a dominance of food stalls and little else.

So, as much as it pains me to do so, here are some totally lame pictures.

I put fairly much no effort into these, but none the less, here we are.


Girls Generation

*screams* stop the pain….

Madang Hannuri – Korean

Last night, I attended the 5th annual concert of Korean Traditional Performing Arts.

It was really really good.

Basically, traditional drumming, dancing, etc. Lots of people attended and a good night was had by all.

Here are a few images and some video from last night.

Sorry in advance for the messy video, I’m still getting the hang of not throwing the camera at brick walls. LOL

Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1495 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1496 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1510 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1511 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1528 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1536 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1554 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1558 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1562 Korean_Madang_Hannuri_2010_10_02_IMG_1578

Video Links: If the YouTube embedded video doesn’t work, just click on the linked title instead. 🙂

Madang Hannuri – Dancing and a rather big Ribbon

Auckland Museum and Military & Boats?

I was randomly at the museum today, and there was this military thing on…

It looked navy-ish.. if anyone knows, please comment 🙂



2010_08_21_IMG_0452 2010_08_21_IMG_0453 2010_08_21_IMG_0457 2010_08_21_IMG_0467 2010_08_21_IMG_0489 2010_08_21_IMG_0485 2010_08_21_IMG_0454


Follow this link for a bit of drumming from this show


2010_08_21_IMG_0506 2010_08_21_IMG_0526

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