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A weak end

So it approaches

another day of remorseful bliss

spend contemplating nothing while processing the next big thing at work.

back to being a bot.

follow the link, it’s only friday

follow the link, BAM!

it’s tuesday again.

this time no tags or categories … just this mess.

corrosive joseph

combined with spelling mistakes and fake laughter

joseph sits on his rock waiting for disaster.

back door tokens for broken laughs at a junk shop full of dreams

stepped out sideways for a rest from the crowd, saw nothing

so i moved back into town for a while, drown in the dizzy smells of

an intoxicated carbon city.

her crispy flesh still fresh on my tongue, foul and fabulous sauce to top off a good evening of disaster in the kitchen.

no one said they liked duck

i didn’t really care.


Thought of the Day – 6 Ducks and a Fish….

and you thought this was going to be interesting…


there were 6 ducks

all in a row

ate them.

went fishing.

Happy Xmas

Music of the day – Sushi Cats

Awesome kiwi group

Sushi Cats

Please watch

Exploring Life where
ever it may take me.

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photography IG below.

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Thanks for being awesome
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Thougjt of the day

Spell checker


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