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BBC News: America’s Cup: New Zealand beat Team USA to win title

America’s Cup: New Zealand beat Team USA to win title –

Del here we go again, just wondering how many court appeals and holdup there will be before the Americans finally admit they suck and lost fairly lol.

Hahahaha oh well, another day 🙂

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BBC News: Drug that creates a ‘real sun-tan’ could prevent cancer

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Drug that creates a ‘real sun-tan’ could prevent cancer –

Actually ,,, under the picture of the not unattractive redhead it says,,   ” allows a ginger tan  ” , well done BBC, well done lol 

BBC News: Claims GCHQ wiretapped Trump ‘nonsense’ – NSA’s Ledgett

Claims GCHQ wiretapped Trump ‘nonsense’ – NSA’s Ledgett –

I wonder if people have forgotten that this actually does go on..

The Five Eyes countries spy on each other and then “sell that information back to each other because for the most part a country isn’t really allows to spy on its own citizens
I mention this one in particular because it’s still fresh for New Zealand.. 

A few years back our previous prime minister ( John Key ) was accused of manipulating the arrest of a German citizen living as a resident in NZ called Kim Dot Com (no I’m not kidding that’s his name now lol) under the guise and guidance of the Americans. . 

In brief KDC is Americans caused of piracy as he owned a site called Mega Upload    a file sharing site.

anyways .. There was a released video of a meeting between KDC and our previous prime minister as a representative of the government at that time.. where KDC had bought up the Five Eyes spy network.. and what it was used for … and the then prime minister acknowledged it’s existence and I believe also what and how it was used. 

I think the article is still on YouTube   and worth a look if your interested ..

 More to come 🙂

BBC News: Sony apology over Japan boy band Kishidan’s Nazi gaffe

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Sony apology over Japan boy band Kishidan’s Nazi gaffe –

Well.. flame me for this… but.. people need to get the fuck over historical shit like this and move on.

Yes it was a horrible time. . All wars are.. but what’s happening now in war is far worse. 

America is the instigator of of evil that’s happened in the last 5 decades or so.. come on people.. pull ya head out.

BBC News: Top model agencies agencies fined £1.5m for price-fixing

Top model agencies agencies fined £1.5m for price-fixing –

Frankly all I could honetly say when I read this and its related articles about how much (or less) models were being paid these days I was all like:  haha haha haha yea. 

Well the industry has done it to its self.. hiking prices (like any business) to make more profit while paying their talent less and less. 

I’ve read some agency contracts (recently) and am horrified at the terms and conditions therein that work against the photographer but more so the talent. 

Even in the independent model pool (where I hire from) models are hiking their prices up .. and then moan when I  offer them a lower hourly rate and remind them that there’s a lot more models out there now looking for work and that does t just change what you can charge but also the level of professionalism that’s available. 

I’ve hired more talented professional models for less money than I’ve gotten with ones that demand a higher rate.  

Now I get the cost of living and all that.. but for the most part (I assume) these models (local talent) don’t declare to the tax department (all) their earnings .. so hey when your not having to pay 20% tax.. that makes a difference. 

 International models who travel around (I prefer to work with them) charge what seems to be fair rates and come with a wealth of experience to boot .. often I’m finding local less experienced talent are trying to charge the same or even more sometimes.. 

The core differences being I’d rather pay higher rates for professional international models that actually know what they are doing and turn up on time than I would to pay less and hire some local talent whom proves to be flakes .. can’t communicate or don’t turn up..

Now, to be fair, I have had the pleasure of working with some absolutely lovely people (talent) locally .. though mayhap not as experienced as some of the international models … certainly making up  for it by being super awesome to work with and amazing all round people in general. 

To those models and talent, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to working with you again. 
So yes there’s some ranting in there about the lack of common sense and politeness and professionalism but lol who cares. . This is my blog after all 🙂  
have a happy sunday 🙂 

BTW my websites getting updated.. shuffling images around , deleting some, adding new ..  and also added a “upcoming shoots” page for any models interested in any of ideas in development stuff..

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BBC News: Nokia dials back time to sell mobile phones again

Nokia dials back time to sell mobile phones again –

Pretty ugh … thoughts of what Nokia were like still fill mw with dreamy warm memories of beautiful devices that worked well… 

But can they make a come back …. would i buy one again… maybe. . Maybe if they can recreate that design feel.. and .. dare i say it.. Their OS again.. it was basic, sure, but it worked. ..

Android is all this and all that and all Google owned and manipulated and data rape-able by Google. .. so .. In a world where we are losing concept and control over privacy and style..   why not.

Why not indeed.  
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