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Wrong sided medical hiccups or stupid bipedal buggery?

here’s an interesting story from the beeeeb that’s worth a glance though I stopped at the 16% of mistakes in surgery part , 16% holy batfuckman.

Not a suppose though as many years ago when I unfortunately had kidney stones on my left side I was being checked out of hospital with the documentation stating it was the right side , and boy did I have to somewhat mildly argue with the doctor on duty to get that corrected

And I know of people that have had their lives changed due to medical McFuckeries here and over seas.

So I wonder if that 16% is actually a lot higher in New Zealand ….

Over all overalls are something you’d wear over all your clothing before doing something dirty …..

So dress up before you mess up.

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Tricky depends on what you think is real

so this article….



BBC News: IHG hack: ‘Vindictive’ couple deleted hotel chain data for fun

BBC News – IHG hack: ‘Vindictive’ couple deleted hotel chain data for fun

If indeed the hotel management chains password was what is in this artical then they deserved it.


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BBC News: Nasa: Artemis Moon rocket second launch attempt called off

BBC News – Nasa: Artemis Moon rocket second launch attempt called off

Lol to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Common nasa stop faking it, keep trying cause one day ya might make it


New Video@ YT – Epic Road Trip – Part 10 – 18 Feb – Makomako to Raglan – End

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