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BBC News: Is the nude selfie a new art form?

BBC News – Is the nude selfie a new art form?

Broken realities and small tokens of thanks.

We live in a world screaming out for the rock of stability .. the ruin of the ages, some balance to our lives as individuals and as a clustered package.

I used to send nudes.. to myself… and i took offence to that and scolded myself …and enjoyed it

If media / people – arw going to start classing sending selfie nudes arount the place and calling it art … well… fuck me…. what do we call the statue of David ?



Pointless ramblings of big media outlets.

Spelling mistakes.

Lockdown day 1 – 2020-03-26

Is it over yet ?

Oh god, really, there’s a minimum of 4 weeks to go ?

The government have put a 3 month financial package together for businesses to be able to continue to ‘pay’ their employees …..  3 month package…

and we are in lockdown for…. 4 weeks.. at this stage…

don’t hold your breath for 4 weeks… this is just the beginning i assume.


I’m here alone.


In the end…

There is a girl,
who stands in a tree,

Hiding her soul,
so we can not see.

Cracks and trembles,
shakes and cries,

Screaming for justice,
in a world full of lies
As she whispers to me….
“I just want to be free”

I Once Knew A Girl,
who stood in a tree
Who took on the world,
And now she’s free.

Tree: Model:

Auckland – New Zealand


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The Pain of Art and the Art of Pain

I struggle to shoot anymore.

The last few years have been hard, the more I close myself off from what’s happening around and inside me, the less I feel, the less I am.

I learned a very long time ago, for me to take a photo that has meaning … to me at least, I have to have a connection to the subject.

Mostly this comes at a price, the price of love, the payment is pain, the repayment plan… well… that i think, is eternal.

I’ve done two and a half photo shoots that have any meaning to me.

both the same subject

both human

both the same

And, I can’t get past it.


If i can’t connect with the darkness, i cant.

if i do connect with the darkness, the repayment plan is long.

I miss that particular connection, now, in this hollow void of darkness.

i sit.


Poetry: Carved in Mayhem by Dan DiFelice






Carved in Mayhem from Dan DiFelice on Vimeo.




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New Music: Daybreakdays

HI there my happy little followers… Smile

Guess what….. there’s a fresh new talent on YouTube and you simply MUST have a look.. err.. listen… or both.. Smile

She goes by DayBreakDays and is a talented musician based here in Auckland, NZ.

Here’s one video from her YouTube, I suggest you follow the links and go explore her work, and please show your support by subscribing to her chan. Smile


Daybreakdays–An Autumn Morning



DayBreakDays on YouTube

DayBreakDays on Facebook

Deviant Artists at

Pew pew all, I thought I might share a little of what I like from a site called … <—go visit.

Please, respect the artists and their works.

This first one, I want to share, because this person is one of the most beautiful people I know, and I feel blessed to know her.

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