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It costs How Much???? In L.A …. ???


I’ve been slowly planning my trip to L.A for next year.. a bit of a holiday and a bit of work also..

Doing the usual.. looking at what’s on.. travel .. accommodation.. places to go to and things to see and do, and I’ve come to this conclusion about it all….

Holy hell .. L.A is ridiculously expensive.

How do people ever survive there ?

For the sake of context .. as of this blog post .. currency conversion is about NZD$1.68 to USD$1.00 .. yea.. that’s a big ouch. .. for me to buy say USD$1000.00 would cost me near on NZD$1500-1600 .. and that’s probably not including whatever fees the banks would want to charge…

So far, with what I’ve seen, the cheapest part of the trip would be the airline tickets .. then rental car …

Things like hotels or AirBnB is hellishly over priced. I know that food is ok as you don’t have to eat like a rock star… but coffee.. omg I’ve seen some prices like UDS$5 for a coffee.. and I know they don’t do good coffee there… we are so luckily here in NZ.

However… work wise.. I’m trying to plan a few photo shoots … and that’s an eye opener in its self..

Apparently L.A is strongly union controlled so contents and permits are generally required .. makes sense I guess… where as back home you can generally shoot .. of course the fact that my shooting genre includes nudity of the human form.. that makes it more complicated again.

I’ve been advised that leaving the L.A city limits is advisable .. but L.A is a very big place and traffic would play a part in substantial delays no doubt.

As yet I’ve not looked into studio hire rates.. mostly cause I don’t like shooting indoors anyway..

I’m going to research San Francisco also.. see if that city has similar issues or not. .. or maybe I just see if I can get a AirBnB a bit away from the city.. maybe that will be more affordable.. which kinda sucks cause the few models I really want to shoot with are in L.A .

If anyone has any advise or knows of reasonable accommodation and places I could shoot art-nudes .. then I’d love to hear from you 😁

Anyways .. enough of the ranting .. I need to get on the road again…

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Retuning to insanity


For the most part… travel around ones own country us both a blessing and a curse.

I’ve been on the road for a long time… seeing a bunch of places and meeting really interesting people….

But I have this hankering for the  abnormality of my normal life again… 

I think.. adventures in small hand full sizes are best..   and most certainly more affordable… lol I drew to see my visa bill when I’m done lol :p

The adventure .. This epic road trip around the south island, is coming to a end soon.. and I am already planning my next set of mini adventures around New Zealand North Island, including a possible escape to Australia and maybe one or two of the Pacific Islands …. and my forthcoming Canada / USA trip at the end of 2015. 

Anyone or any company want to sponsor my mad little adventures… I’d be open to discussions lol ahh I dream I dream :p

But still.. Life’s an interesting journey. . Every moment we are alive is an adventure in the making.

Plane is about to land so I’ll sign off here..

Next adventure video should be up shortly ..

Stay tuned. .  And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and Youtube for more wonderful and weird adventures 🙂

This is an automated blog entry… because…


Well.. because, I assume when it decides it’s going to post its self…

it should be about 5 or 6am NZT, I could well be at an airport,

likely getting through customs, or on a plane, or picking my nose.

WHAT! you say, an airport.. ??  yes, picking my nose.




I haven’t been to Australia for about 30 years.

Do I miss it ?  can’t remember it to know if I do or not.

Do I care ? I didn’t used to, but I do.

It’s the ‘almost’ beginning of my new journey in life.

The ‘actual’ beginning began 4 years ago when I started going to Hawaii to visit a very dear friend ( and I shall, with luck, continue to do so, so long as i have the means to).


So, what is so important to make me want to go there, or, even expand this journey?

Good soulful people with whom we have created a friendship out of common interests, non judgementally, honestly, openly, accepting of our individual beliefs, cultures, taste in weird food, ice cream flavours, hair colours, and maybe just a little craziness Smile with tongue out

But in the end.. because there are still good people in this world, and we should make the effort to attach ourselves to experiences that we would not have normally had, had we decided that the world or people we would otherwise have known didn’t matter.

Over the coming years, I will endeavour to go and visit more countries that contain more of these beautiful and amazing friendships that have been forged, to meet these people ‘in real life’, to connect and to enjoy, to breathe and walk with them, to share and experience some of what life is like for them, and hopefully to make both our lives a little less mundane, a little more expanded.

I hope, that they in turn, some day, in some way, may be able to do a similar thing, for someone they know. I hope.

We should all do this though, even if it’s only ever once in our lives, even if it’s just within our own country, city, or neighbourhood. Step out of our little plastic containers that we live in, and remind each other that outside, is a whole world of adventure and wonderment just waiting to be discovered.

Remind ourselves that it doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from or what we do, we are all the same people, we are all the same.

Except maybe the really crazy ones, but, hey, even they may have had a heart or common sense at one time, but decided that politics was a better choice for them. Oh did I just pick on a group of people… maybe I did. Winking smile


Anyway, it’s… 11:22pm, Wednesday the 25th of June 2014.. right now.
And I’m going to get some rest, I have an early flight to catch.


See if you can guess where I’m going later this year, and next year.


Might be your country… want to hang out, eat ice cream ? Drop me a note, comment here, or on Facebook, … lets chat Smile



Red heart

Matrin Maple 130 Photography Bag

HI Everyone, (And Victoria)

Firstly, thanks for reading my blog… didn’t think anyone did Smile 

I got a request from a lovely person via facebook asking about a camera bag I bought last year ( this link here ) and what I thought.. so I thought I’d write a little review on it.. as terrible as I am at these things, here goes…

(it’s mostly a cut/paste from my reply) and I’ve added photos at the bottom.

I got it  in Feb 2011, and still have it. I use it fairly often, and it’s been wonderful. It’ is quite light weight at about 1.2 kg, which is very acceptable as it is a very well made and durable bag. I have it decided into 5 pouches, two either side and the centre for the camera body. It’s fairly deep, so it takes the Canon 70-200 nicely, and I pack a few more lenses and the 580ex2 flash in there also. It has ample internal side pockets for things like paperwork, accessories, memory cards, and so on, and a few good outer pockets also, namely one on either side where the shoulder strap joins on, perfect size that fits the standard side pump water bottles.. so always good for that smile The only thing I would say, is that as it is a two-space wide bag, its a little big sometimes and I wonder about a single space, so i mean, to take a single lens and body, as opposed to two lenses side by side. just to make it a bit more slimmer.. but then I always want to carry a few different lenses so I never end up buying a new bag.

My main bag is a Lowepro Trekker Plus AW, which is fantastic, holds most all of my kit and randomness, and my old slimmer laptop, and I have used this to travel over seas with. I got that because it fits within the restraints of hand-held baggage compartment.

Images of the Martin Maple 130, 1.5 years after purchase and a lot of use.




The Lowepro Trekker Plus AW (main bag)



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Hope this helps, and I didn’t prattle on too much, nice hearing from you, and please feel free to stay in touch if you so wish smile
Cheers ears smile

Hawaii – Day 10 – Bum City (Thursday)

Another kool day.

Took pictures of Bums… I’ll update this in a few days when I get home.


Spent the rest of the day with my dear dear friend Jenivie…See other posts for Links to her shows.


….. a few days later….. I have added Bumage pictures 🙂

2010_03_19_IMG_1689 2010_03_19_IMG_1690 2010_03_19_IMG_1685 2010_03_19_IMG_1687 2010_03_19_IMG_1688

Hawaii – Day 9 (wednesday)

Same as the last two days.


Just having chill time with my friend Jen.

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