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Music–Utada Hikaru as Cubic U


And now, for a little bit of very early Utada Hikaru……. also.. the last one is a must!!!

Cubic U.

Utada Hikaru as Cubic U–Close To you


Utada Hikaru as Cubic U–100 reasons why


Utada Hikaru as Cubic U – Lullaby


Utada HIkaru as Cubic U Feat. Fuji Keiko

Fuji Keiko, a very famous enka singer from Japan… just happens to be the mother of Utada Hikaru. Check out this duet. to hear both their voices is just awesome.. both with that trademark dark voice…. *heaven*

Checkout more of Fuji here:

Alizee – French Popular Music


My world in Music….–Mika Nakashima

Mika Nakashima–Love Addict


Mika Nakashima–Seven


Mika Nakashima – Game


Mika Nakashima–Heaven On Earth


Mika Nakashima–stars


Mika Nakashima–Sugar Cat


Mika Nakashima–All Hands Together

New music in my life…

Hello happy humans..

well here is another little list of what I’ve been watching of late music-wise.

Mostly again, Jpop or Jrock stuff.. all good Smile


Band & Website @ Aya Kamiki

@ Wiki:


Band & Website @ School Food Punishment

@ Wiki

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