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Music: What I’ve heard recently..

In no particular order.

Def Tech – My Way
NECRY TALKIE – I dunno I can’t read Japanese 😛

Kim Sejeong – Warning. Watch, Listen, turn on CC and read the English words.
Kim Sejeong – Whale – Watch, Listen, turn on CC and read the English words.

Hikaru Utada – One Last Kiss ❤
MAMAMOO – AYA … I’ve only included this cause dance coro by Lia Kim from 1million.
Lia Kim – Killing me Perfectly.

The Hindley Street Country Club – A thousand years Ft. Christina Perri – This kid can sing!
MYYAVI – What’s my Name
Gacharic Spin – Hunting Summer
World Order – Have a nice day 😀

Thought of the Day – Probes and boxes

Had my voice box visualised with a scope.


Waxing lyrical

Watching box resonate

Degradation of the aural


We danced a little

We danced a little, both of us on-edge,

strangers in eachothers arms, comfort found in distance.

Our conversations are always fragrant, full of fresh summer mornings,

yet also still – like evenings laying together under snow-crested trees.


I don’t recall the apart-time much, fragments that wake me with 3am chills.

found listening carefully, noises inside your tummy after few drinks,

Staggered words foreboding foretelling of what’s not to come.


am I Stronger, I could be, not close to hillsides or rivers,

just, daisies swaying in midday heat, but stronger.


illusions, still plague me though, vermin at the feet of our dead,

not pushed past boundaries in need of crossing, no release,

just hanging on, slivers of willingness under duress, losing grip on time.


No one to reach out to anymore, anywhere are voids vast vulnerable,

safe though, safe, not here, just unwilling to be afraid of it,

lying creatures as we are, jesting for coverage both in need.


Swiftly quickly, left behind remnants remains left of us

no sollum sad staged goodbyes, just this corse dust.


human hands outreach outstretched outside us now,

pushed beyond broken, no more, no more –

found you again, at last, my last breath, you’re well.













Damielou Shavelle–Clarity



that Digital Darling behind EQVAY04 and Ling Ling has done it again..


Check out her EFFIN EPIC cover of Zedd’s – Clarity!!!!!  (goes all fanboy)


I mean WHAT!! I’ve just got it on repeat over and over… OK the Aussie accent is funnynutz to hear, but OMG… who cares… GO WATCH NOW!!!!!!!!





And here, if you want, you can hit her in her URL at:

♪ facebook (like her!)
♪ twitter (tweet her!)
♪ instagram (stalk her!)
♪ reverbnation (hear her!)–
♪ musicbook
♪ tumblr

Want to send her something?
P.O. BOX 1091

Yea Ok, I copied that from her youtube cause I’m too lazy to type it all out Smile with tongue out


And, now for something a little different…





*runs for cover* sorry Damie Smile

Music–Utada Hikaru as Cubic U


And now, for a little bit of very early Utada Hikaru……. also.. the last one is a must!!!

Cubic U.

Utada Hikaru as Cubic U–Close To you


Utada Hikaru as Cubic U–100 reasons why


Utada Hikaru as Cubic U – Lullaby


Utada HIkaru as Cubic U Feat. Fuji Keiko

Fuji Keiko, a very famous enka singer from Japan… just happens to be the mother of Utada Hikaru. Check out this duet. to hear both their voices is just awesome.. both with that trademark dark voice…. *heaven*

Checkout more of Fuji here:

DJ Ken Ishii and







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