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Music: What I’ve heard recently..

In no particular order.

Def Tech – My Way
NECRY TALKIE – I dunno I can’t read Japanese 😛

Kim Sejeong – Warning. Watch, Listen, turn on CC and read the English words.
Kim Sejeong – Whale – Watch, Listen, turn on CC and read the English words.

Hikaru Utada – One Last Kiss ❤
MAMAMOO – AYA … I’ve only included this cause dance coro by Lia Kim from 1million.
Lia Kim – Killing me Perfectly.

The Hindley Street Country Club – A thousand years Ft. Christina Perri – This kid can sing!
MYYAVI – What’s my Name
Gacharic Spin – Hunting Summer
World Order – Have a nice day 😀

She Lied, So did I – who said what – mood

So what ?

here… let me unplug you.


ok, so now you know…

not sure where to go from here… what ?

ok, … I like leave in conditioner..

Show me more ? show you more, showmore ?

what’s the matter you… sirup your face…


all but dead in this box, banging lifelessly,

swinging doors, that open like my mind at your feet.

don’t beg.


sounds like potato…

this one… is in remembrance .. of an embrace that never happened.


pressing… slowly slowly, pressing, do you feel it ?


step back a little, … yeah, yeah that’s it… ok now, softer hands… softer… HOLD..

Tree: Model:

Are you free ? Are you a girl in a tree ?

I think….. i don’t belong here.


I should go now.

thank you.


Seems i lied… what did you expect, did you not read the title ?

Sometimes we are popular…

Sometimes we have to go with the m-flo .. cause we better than that seamo..

But who lies now ?


That’s right, we all do.





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MUSIC – And why not indeed


Serial killers


Lets twist again, like we did las…. wait.. what ?














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Music – Some of my favs :)


So, no one was watching….. 🙂











Yeah 🙂











BBC News: Rock, paper scissors and the fierce world of Japanese pop

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it ..   yeah whatever…

Honestly though in was reading through the news.. and this was the most sensible item I saw.. I mean there was the usual trump wants a wall and we are 30 seconds closer to an apocalypse. .. The usual run of the mill stuff. .

But this… 

This reinforces in me that there is still some sensibility and goodness left in the world… 

A reason to hold my head high.. to go on.. to keep hope alive that the human race has a future…. 

Rock, paper scissors and the fierce world of Japanese pop –

Music – Jpop and stuff


Well hello there….

it’s been a while since i’ve posted some music… so here’s some music that i’ve been listening to lately 🙂





tofubeats Feat. the amazing BONNIE PINK   (love bonnie pink stuff!!)




Wagakki Band








Guess hight maiden




Age Factory




SHISHAMI …. ( i dunno why.. lol )






Hatsune Miku… live ???? on the Dave Letterman Show ???


This makes my brain bleed… and not in a good way LOL





HI 🙂





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