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BBC News: ‘LED street lights are disturbing my sleep’

‘LED street lights are disturbing my sleep’ –

Some people will never be happy… I mean, who cares if it’s better for the environment or saves energy or stuff like that.. all they want is something to moan about to make themselves feel a better about their boring lives..

Go out camping… 

Kabab and chips for dinner tonight …. lol so much for being healthy 🙂

Eri Nobuchika 信近エリ – Lights and Voice


For a while I have enjoyed Eri Nobuchika, and thinking, ok time to share… here are my two fav’s.




Eri Nobuchika–Lights



Eri Nobuchika–Voice



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Western Lights


a broken note..

in a moment of silence, steps out onto the stage…

whispers of wicked cruelty ringing in my ears

darkened lights, curtain draws a slow and painful regress….

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