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2015-04 – Beardy Adventure – Bayswater Auckland New Zealand


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Well hello my little nose muffins…. it’s been a while since I’ve been out and about…. the good news is, my 4×4 is all fixed and happy, I’ve mostly paid off all the repairs and stuff, so i went on a little ‘test adventure’ drive to see how things worked, and also, to edit again as I think I’ve forgotten most things already.. hahaha oh well 🙂

I filmed this completely on a GoPro4Silver… what do you think?

So tell me, what’s your fav editing software ??
I used to use Sony Vegas, when I was on windows, but since moving to the Mac I now use Adobes PremPro… I like FInalCut Pro too.. but umm.. choices choices, but in all honestly, I really really miss Vegas, it is awesome… wish they would port it to the Mac.. *sighs*


So here’s little trip from a week or so ago 😛

PS. I’m going to be posting this on both youtube and vimeo from now on, as youtube is becoming painful to use, and vimeo is more a professional outlet where I can control much more of what’s going on. Hope you support me in both 🙂



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2015-04 – Beardy Adventure Bayswater Auckland New Zealand from Yanni Migias on Vimeo.



Lucid Moments – Image


Those passing, fleeting moments….

Staggered memories congeal into rancid aromas of past deviancy

bloated expectations from delusional practitioners dancing madly

in single expressions of a lucid moment in my becoming still.

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scientists manage to levitate liquid


Check out this news item link below for more info.


scientists do liquid levitation.. woot!

Sometimes, I think too much

Do you think too much when you look at things sometimes ?
What do you see , when you look ?






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Weekend Photos…

Three random-ish photos from the weekend. Went out with a friend to shoot things and talk shyte and carry heavy stuff around Smile


Karekare Waterfall



Auckland @ Night 1, messin with colors




Washed Out City – Auckland @ Night 2






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Thermal Hot Water Springs

Rotorua, New Zealand, Aotearoa.


Awesome blue/clear water.

Just messing with the video.


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