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The Gallery Cafe Kumeu

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HI there happy Humans


Was out and about yesterday getting stuff done with a friend, when we found ourselves at:


 The Gallery Cafe up in Kumeu

7/329a Main Road, Huapai, Kumeu, Auckland, NZ

P: (09) 412-8983


We stopped in for a coffee.

I’ve been there a few times before, cause I really like their coffee and enjoy looking at the photos in the cafe!  (see the Facebook link above)

What ended up happening was quite surprising…

After ordering food and drinks, I was approached by a gentleman asking if he could take my photo because he liked my beard 😛

Well, why not, i’m game for being on the other end of the camera for a change, and it was actually quite an honour because

the photographer was non other than Charlie Yang, … a highly skilled and respected photographer, who’s work always blows my mind.

It was fun!, I have to admit, it felt totally weird too, but I guess I know how models feel now 😛


Anyways, he was kind enough to send me one of the images…. 

Yanni by charlie yang photography  DSC 0974  2016 01 16


























It was great fun! the food and drink was awesome !!


So please, if you’re up in Kumeu, do stop in at:


The Gallery Cafe up in Kumeu


Say HI to the lovely owners and enjoy some great food and great photos!!



Lucid Moments – Image


Those passing, fleeting moments….

Staggered memories congeal into rancid aromas of past deviancy

bloated expectations from delusional practitioners dancing madly

in single expressions of a lucid moment in my becoming still.

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Models, Mayhem , Madness and a camera



Actually, no madness.. lol.

I finally got approval for listing on Model Mayhem.

Not a big deal you may say, and mayhaps not, but to me… i get to be proud for a little while Smile

Oh yea, bought a Canon 5Dm3 too Smile    *giggles like a school girl* Smile



Smile  *still very happy* Smile

Sometimes, I think too much

Do you think too much when you look at things sometimes ?
What do you see , when you look ?






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Youtube-google are tossers

Warning some language may not be suitable for youtube supporters.

Comments welcomed.

Well, nothing new really… I noticed today that their “automated” system has marked two of my videos as copyright infringement.

Public events in public places.

In New Zealand, that’s fair game for everyone.

Well, if it isn’t, then fair enough I will edit or remove them, but to have youtube not provide you with any reason or means by which to contact the people who claim to have copyright is fairly stupid.

I do often video on behalf of people/bands and

Now, I know youtube have been turning into complete wankers of late, seen many things change recently and seen them abuse their place in the market. Lots of vloggers, musicians and people in general have been complaining (see them in many forums around the place), and a few of them are starting to leave youtube because of it.

So it’s time to move along.

I will be looking to setup my own video streaming storage site for my videos soon so youtube can go take a big flying jump of a really high cliff.

youtube / Google are getting way to big   and they need to be taught a few lesions here and there, though I don’t know how that might happen, cause it seems the likes of most countries governments are just giving in and letting them get ruled by a frikkin internet website of all things.

And the New Zealand Government is no different. it’ gladly bends over and takes one up the arse.


So what can we do when companies like Google, Yahoo, etc steal and profit from other peoples content ?


Food for thought.

Comments welcomed.


The opinion expressed above is purely that of my own, no one else was involved in the writing of this, but I’m hoping a zillion people get involved in standing up for their rights against Big Internet who think they rule the world.

The world got on without them just nicely before hand, and can well do so again.

Dead Birds and some Music…..

I dunno…


Dead Birds.
Short with a Canon
Mutilated by Picasa

In all, fun 🙂


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D.I.G (directions in groove) Awesome Jazz band from Australia.

DIG Directions In Groove–Hip Replacement (Australian)
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