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BBC News: Lawsuit against modelling website revived

Lawsuit against modelling website revived –

As I site I use often I’m surprised and saddened that this has happened.

It’s not the fault of the website.. it would be like holding a news paper accountable for reporting the news..

With out knowing the full back story It would be unfair to pass comment on what happened or might have been done to avoid it.

Models, Mayhem , Madness and a camera



Actually, no madness.. lol.

I finally got approval for listing on Model Mayhem.

Not a big deal you may say, and mayhaps not, but to me… i get to be proud for a little while Smile

Oh yea, bought a Canon 5Dm3 too Smile    *giggles like a school girl* Smile



Smile  *still very happy* Smile

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