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BBC News: Row of cows in Australia killed ‘by lightning strike’

So… it seems Australians are replacing their recreational tying of kangaroos to fences … with cows…. and calling it a lighting strike… lol

But seriously though… lol who am I kidding lol

Row of cows in Australia killed ‘by lightning strike’ –

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Murder and music

Has anyone ever wondered what our magical little country might be like if capital punishment was still a thing?

I was reading a news article about the last hanging in Australia in 1967 .. and got to thinking about our own little country .. and ours was 1957 .. odd cause I’d always thought it was in the late 1960’s.. 

Either way. . It got me pondering upon who and by what means one might have decided these things back in the day. 

Who gets to decide it’s OK to take a life.. 

then I remembered our former prime minister     …. and wished it was the 1950’s again.

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Kiwi Muslim sisters not alone in concerns over Aussie airport treatment

Because everyone knows Australians are racist.

This is an automated blog entry… because…


Well.. because, I assume when it decides it’s going to post its self…

it should be about 5 or 6am NZT, I could well be at an airport,

likely getting through customs, or on a plane, or picking my nose.

WHAT! you say, an airport.. ??  yes, picking my nose.




I haven’t been to Australia for about 30 years.

Do I miss it ?  can’t remember it to know if I do or not.

Do I care ? I didn’t used to, but I do.

It’s the ‘almost’ beginning of my new journey in life.

The ‘actual’ beginning began 4 years ago when I started going to Hawaii to visit a very dear friend ( and I shall, with luck, continue to do so, so long as i have the means to).


So, what is so important to make me want to go there, or, even expand this journey?

Good soulful people with whom we have created a friendship out of common interests, non judgementally, honestly, openly, accepting of our individual beliefs, cultures, taste in weird food, ice cream flavours, hair colours, and maybe just a little craziness Smile with tongue out

But in the end.. because there are still good people in this world, and we should make the effort to attach ourselves to experiences that we would not have normally had, had we decided that the world or people we would otherwise have known didn’t matter.

Over the coming years, I will endeavour to go and visit more countries that contain more of these beautiful and amazing friendships that have been forged, to meet these people ‘in real life’, to connect and to enjoy, to breathe and walk with them, to share and experience some of what life is like for them, and hopefully to make both our lives a little less mundane, a little more expanded.

I hope, that they in turn, some day, in some way, may be able to do a similar thing, for someone they know. I hope.

We should all do this though, even if it’s only ever once in our lives, even if it’s just within our own country, city, or neighbourhood. Step out of our little plastic containers that we live in, and remind each other that outside, is a whole world of adventure and wonderment just waiting to be discovered.

Remind ourselves that it doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from or what we do, we are all the same people, we are all the same.

Except maybe the really crazy ones, but, hey, even they may have had a heart or common sense at one time, but decided that politics was a better choice for them. Oh did I just pick on a group of people… maybe I did. Winking smile


Anyway, it’s… 11:22pm, Wednesday the 25th of June 2014.. right now.
And I’m going to get some rest, I have an early flight to catch.


See if you can guess where I’m going later this year, and next year.


Might be your country… want to hang out, eat ice cream ? Drop me a note, comment here, or on Facebook, … lets chat Smile



Red heart

Music–NZ and OZ






Damielou Shavelle–Clarity



that Digital Darling behind EQVAY04 and Ling Ling has done it again..


Check out her EFFIN EPIC cover of Zedd’s – Clarity!!!!!  (goes all fanboy)


I mean WHAT!! I’ve just got it on repeat over and over… OK the Aussie accent is funnynutz to hear, but OMG… who cares… GO WATCH NOW!!!!!!!!





And here, if you want, you can hit her in her URL at:

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Want to send her something?
P.O. BOX 1091

Yea Ok, I copied that from her youtube cause I’m too lazy to type it all out Smile with tongue out


And, now for something a little different…





*runs for cover* sorry Damie Smile

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