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Funerals, celebration and loss

I have no doubt that i will revisit this post a few times, edit it here and there so it’s a bit more coherent and reflective of what I want to say, but for the time being, what follows below will suffice. Forgive the grammatical and spelling … it’s 2am.

Today i attended the funeral of an old friend, introduced to me by others some 40 or so years ago and over time became friends.

Through them and other friends I got to know more of their family, and so that relationship grew.

Today, at their funeral, I had the chance to catchup with some people I hadn’t seen in many many years…. people I knew though them and that extended aquantenceship.

Some of these people had become good friends, and we had stayed in touch over the years via social media, or the odd gathering etc…

Some, not so much – this is just how life is.

But today, (and one previous funeral) for some reason, more so than other funerals and re-acquaintances I’ve attended (even my own immediate family), the realisation that I’ll likely never see most of these people again really hit home…. and it’s been keeping me up and bothered for most of the night.

We meet someone, and through them get to know others, and remain in touch to varying degrees with them… and when the centre pinion of that relationship passes on, you realise… you’ll most likely never see those others again.

This isn’t always the case granted, but in this case, and for the unfortunate three funerals I’ve attended this year already, it is.

How do we manage this…. these others haven’t passed on, they are still alive and doing their thing, but you don’t really have a strong core reason to remain in touch all the time or to a more greater scale other than historical knowledge and social respect…

How do we manage these smaller yet important relationships…

All of these, over the years we grow, all of these help shape us to a degree, no matter how small the influence may be.

I was happy, though, that i made the effort today to stay a little longer and catch up with one of those people, they had moved with their respective family over seas, so we had stayed in touch on occasion via various social media, but we were good friends, and it was really heart-warming to see them again.

The previous funeral I attended, the passing of one of my good mates mother, also made me realise that there’s some of these people who’m I’ve known in a far more frequent and closer manner (again due to the core pinion of introduction), that I’ll also likely never really see again..

It’s a strange thing, like, going through a relationship breakup over and over but on different levels… lol, it really is, though, a breaking of relationships… how odd a term, but yet, how fitting.

At my own mothers funeral a few years ago, I was reacquainted with old family friends, some I had known as playmates when we were children.. lost touch as we moved on with our respective lives, and then back in touch for a few hours because of a death.

It’s really quite true when they say funerals are where you get to meet people you haven’t seen for a long time, realise how out of touch you have become, and then never see them again.

The oddest of places to see familiar faces.

Sorry for the ramble, I’m not really doing a good job of expressing what’s on my mind, but this will have to do.

Three funerals this year already, that’s three too many.

As we grow older, it is a natural part of life that we will likely attend more funerals… and then one day we will attend our last one.. namely our own…

And a generation will come, and come to pass, and we will be forgotten .. those of us who knew us, too, will pass, and generations will come and go, and they will all be forgotten.

If you really want to think about it, as of this day, it’s likely that in 150 years, then ENTIRE population of this planet will die, be replaced by generations of others, who will forget we ever existed.

Just think about that for.a while, be as bothered as i am about it, and then realise….

When we die, it won’t matter. Because we will be gone, and thus far, that we know of at least, no ones come back.

ok.. this is starting to get a little too dark in my head now.

Until next time, or not, … remember those around you.

Things are not ok sometimes

And it hurts. and there’s nothing you can do, you just suffer through it, keep pushing, hopefully come out the other end.

This blog .. uneasypills, i dunno, i made it thinking i could share my thoughts over the years.. hopefully help someone or something…. but i’ve just .. been to afraid to share anything really.. so its full of everything that it wasn’t intended for.

I try not to hide who i am, or my battle with anxiety and depression (hence the blog name), but i also don’t talk about it, and i do end up hiding it, because every day we are judged .. by our friends, our family, those we work with, strangers….

and now, im so tired of it all, so tired that i never seem to get ahead… just beaten down all the time.

for me, what happens, when i panic, or get a good bout of anxiety etc… i kinda lose the plot a little, and i cope or at least i try to cope, by eating excessively and spending money on things i think will help., which dont. which has now left me with nothing. literally, nothing, no savings, no assets, nothing.

so as someone who’s well past the halfway mark in life, whos health is not great.. i have nothing… nothing. i rent a small room, .. its where i live… ive spent most all of the savings i had built… id be lucky if i can pay rent for a few months with what i have left. bills like medical are coming more frequently now as i try and find out whats wrong with me, could just be getting older… but its coming more frequently now.

i do have a full time job, so i literally live paycheck by paycheck. this country, has a good lifestyle, but it’s isolated… and its so very expensive.. its hard to live. i was never good at things like being smart enough to buy a house, or anything like that. so i have nothing for when the inevitable happens, and i cant work any more.

I know at that point, the only thing i have is communication with friends, and that costs money too.. smartphone mobile call plans .. etc.. when that stops… and i lose touch.. what then. what then..

my life, for the last 30 something years i guess, has been built around communication, and reaching out to people around the world.. thats how i met my friend that i’ll talk about below in a moment… so when i cant afford that anymore.. that will stop, no one will know whats happened to me, and i wont know whats happening to them… if they are ok .. if they are well, .. i need to look after my friends.. they are all i have.

the internet has been a blessing for me to have met some truly amazing and inspirational people who have blessed my little life with what little happiness i can gather.

its also, been a massively detrimental also, when you already have anxiety, and you care too much, and you want to care cause it makes you feel like your alive even though it kills you inside, you’d rather hurt and know you have feelings than not.

i use internet to stay in touch with special people in my life…. but that makes me panic also, because instant messaging now means, you can see when you’ve sent a message, when they have received it (its been delivered) and when they have read it.

when they read it, i sit there, and i stress and i panic, when they don’t respond.

i know, they have lives, they could be busy, i get that, but it still happens, i still panic, esp with those whom im very close to. be they live here in the same city as me, or in a different country across the other side of the world.

especially one particular friend, whom i miss so very very much.

I look at my life, and honestly, im well past the half-way mark, my health isnt great… i cant cope well with emotional issues any more, and i think.. that being alone, not having a partner, has really fed that emotional fire… to the point now, that it’s fairly easy for me to break down… could be anything from a movie to a song, a thought, .. anything… so in turn, i dont think im able to have a partner anymore, cause they probably wont understand how i am. so, alone i shall be.

i had the chance to spend a week with a friend, a very dear dear friend, we hardly get to see each other .. maybe every few years.. just how it happened… the friend lives and works over seas, and im stuck here…

in the beginning, the very first time we met, wasn’t under the best circumstances, we were both going through some struggles in our lives respectively.. and we met, and we bonded over a common greaf, a common ground built of loneliness, stress and various other things…. and umm.. we managed to be a support for each other cause we knew what each of us was going through… thats how the friendship began, and has grown from there.

there’s nothing wrong with that, its good, its amazing, it helps me live day by day, and i hope it helps my friend also.

it was one of the best weeks ever in my shitty life..  the last few years had been really hard , and i think, things improved alot in our friendship.. we had some incredibly honest talks, shared some parts of our lives we don’t normally talk about, found more commonalities that has brought us both closer  … and hugs.. lots of hugs…. and i can’t tell you how important it is when you have anxiety and depression, to be able to connect with someone, and they know who you are and how hard it is, and the very simplest of things, like a hug, can mean so much, and give so much hope, desperately needed hope.

the problem is, when we have to part again, go back to our normal lives, me here, and my friend back over seas to their life. it honestly feels like going through a painful breakup over and over and over… yeah that might sound dumb, but for me, for me, when i feel for somoneone its just not at a manageable level, its extreme, i guess. and it kills me that i cant help them , especially when they are over seas, and suffering, having a hard time or whatever it might be.

now so, is such bad timing that this corona virus 19 has happened, cause now i have that worry on my mind aswell for my friends health and well being..

i know whatever will happen, will happen, but that doesnt stop me dying inside knowing that i cant do anything to help.

the internet made the world small, brought people together, and now this, this is making the world big again, and putting barriers back in place, driving wedges between us.

even though we are in touch often, be it an email, or sms, or somethings we share short little video or pictures, … they feel so far away… and i panic and stress because they are out of reach and if somethig happens.. there’s nothing i can do to help them… there’s no way for me to help them… and i feel so very alone and empty again.

yeah i have some very dear friends here, who i get to see often, and thats incredible, it really is… but they are here, i can help them if they are in need…they are within reach.

one of my biggest fears is how fast time is going. i wake up, and a week has gone… half a year has gone, a year has gone, and i panic… and i get stressed, cause i cant remember what happened, why it went so fast..

with my friend who just left, it was about 16 months i guess since we last saw each other… even though we have kept in touch… it felt like we were worlds apart from each other and it feels like forever.. and i missed them so much.. and then they came back for a week, then gone again, and just like that…. there’s this massive empty space again where we would sit and talk, or walk, or watch tv, theres this big empty space again, a reminder of how empty my life feels.


it’s important to have friends, especially those that understand or even maybe suffer the same as you do.

its important to reach out, its important to not stigmatise things like anxiety and depression.

its important to be there, even if all you can do is offer a hug… that hug could save a life, take the edge of a pain, give hope.

I miss you my friend… i miss you and wish you all the very best and safe and healthy life with your family.. and i look forward to when we can hopefully sit down together again, share stories, talk deeply, and hug…. just one more time. before this life takes its ultimate conclusion.


Thank you internet, for listening, sorry i’ve rambled on a lot here… its been a really hard week, and there’s going to be many more following this as i try and cope, and get though each day.

This is an automated blog entry… because…


Well.. because, I assume when it decides it’s going to post its self…

it should be about 5 or 6am NZT, I could well be at an airport,

likely getting through customs, or on a plane, or picking my nose.

WHAT! you say, an airport.. ??  yes, picking my nose.




I haven’t been to Australia for about 30 years.

Do I miss it ?  can’t remember it to know if I do or not.

Do I care ? I didn’t used to, but I do.

It’s the ‘almost’ beginning of my new journey in life.

The ‘actual’ beginning began 4 years ago when I started going to Hawaii to visit a very dear friend ( and I shall, with luck, continue to do so, so long as i have the means to).


So, what is so important to make me want to go there, or, even expand this journey?

Good soulful people with whom we have created a friendship out of common interests, non judgementally, honestly, openly, accepting of our individual beliefs, cultures, taste in weird food, ice cream flavours, hair colours, and maybe just a little craziness Smile with tongue out

But in the end.. because there are still good people in this world, and we should make the effort to attach ourselves to experiences that we would not have normally had, had we decided that the world or people we would otherwise have known didn’t matter.

Over the coming years, I will endeavour to go and visit more countries that contain more of these beautiful and amazing friendships that have been forged, to meet these people ‘in real life’, to connect and to enjoy, to breathe and walk with them, to share and experience some of what life is like for them, and hopefully to make both our lives a little less mundane, a little more expanded.

I hope, that they in turn, some day, in some way, may be able to do a similar thing, for someone they know. I hope.

We should all do this though, even if it’s only ever once in our lives, even if it’s just within our own country, city, or neighbourhood. Step out of our little plastic containers that we live in, and remind each other that outside, is a whole world of adventure and wonderment just waiting to be discovered.

Remind ourselves that it doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from or what we do, we are all the same people, we are all the same.

Except maybe the really crazy ones, but, hey, even they may have had a heart or common sense at one time, but decided that politics was a better choice for them. Oh did I just pick on a group of people… maybe I did. Winking smile


Anyway, it’s… 11:22pm, Wednesday the 25th of June 2014.. right now.
And I’m going to get some rest, I have an early flight to catch.


See if you can guess where I’m going later this year, and next year.


Might be your country… want to hang out, eat ice cream ? Drop me a note, comment here, or on Facebook, … lets chat Smile



Red heart

Music recommended by friends

Chattin to my friends on Skype from around the planet, ok well mostly the usa.. lol, here’s what they like listening too.

What music do you like ?? Log in, post a reply, love to hear from everyone Smile


Cait says:


Rachel says:


Brent says:



Jenivie says:


Savannah says:


Mr Wicked says:



What music do you like ?? Log in, post a reply, love to hear from everyone Smile

New Year 2012 and Memories



As we welcome in a new year, and prepare for whatever it may bring, I hope we all find a little time now and then, to be thankful for those around us and what we have….. and to remember those who have passed away, and keep a happy thought in mind, allowing them to live a little again in the new year.
Be kind to one another. Life is ridiculously short.
Welcome to 2012.

when friend dies

I only found out last night, one of my long time friends passed away, known him about 20 years,

both in the industry i work in and as a personal friend.


He was working on Friday afternoon, and just collapsed. apparently a very large bleed-out in his brain.

so he was dead. no coming back from that.

today, Saturday, at the hospital  i spent a few hours with him and his wife and family. his body is on life support,

but its only keeping the biological part alive. waiting for more of his family to arrive from over seas.

You know, how weird it is, to be standing there, right next to someone you’ve know for so long, to see them,

and not see them. as the flesh is there, breathing by a machine, but, no life.

as soon as you see them, you know instantly that its not them its not them.

eyes closed, breathing sounds, but nothing else. they look a little different, not quite right.

not in a bad way, just.. different.

its a calm feeling.. like… calm. but the emotions hammer in fairly quickly when you start to realise you will never see them again, never hang out and have a cuppa tea, or listen to stories about the navy and places they’ve been.

there was a memorial service this evening, that I’ve come back from. it was nice.

the new week is going to be hard though.

this is the first time I’ve experienced someone close to me passing on.

once is enough.

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