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Music: LunchMoney Lewis – Bills


Here’s a cute little number from a newcomer…. 🙂

Great track to start my morning too 🙂 lol 😛

PS. it’s not explicit. stupid youtube.






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Mini Adventure–The East Coast Trip


Yes, it’s that time of year again, the beginning of a new year, few days into it and nothing to do other than relax and spend Smile So, I thought I’d go on a little mini-trip to the east coast of NZ. I was last there over 10 years ago, and have wanted to get back for a while…..

My actual plan for the trip was to start at Gisborne,

Map picture

and then end the trip at Opotiki,

Map picture


which basically is basically the east peninsula area (below)

Map picture



And so I started to prep for the trip, and in doing so I thought I’d advertise in the local to see if anyone wanted a ride from Auckland to Gisborne or part there of, and as luck would have it i connected with two gals who were in Rotorua and wanting to get to Gisborne, so that was kool.


So, here we go.. instead of posting countless images and making this blog silly-big.. here’s a trip video instead. Smile

This video is best viewed in HD, full screen Smile

Road Trip – East Coast 2014 01 05 – Mini Adventure Weekend


Some places worthy of note if you ever go adventuring around New Zealand’s East Cape is:


Tolaga Bay – Awesome historic wharf…

Map picture

2014-01-03 09.21.03




East Cape Lighthouse – the most easterly lighthouse in the world
(stupid microsoft bing map useless no info crap) Smile

Map picture

2014-01-03 14.49.49


Well that’s all from me for now… time to actually start getting ready for the new working week, sort some stuff out, dinner, movie, relax.

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New Year 2012 and Memories



As we welcome in a new year, and prepare for whatever it may bring, I hope we all find a little time now and then, to be thankful for those around us and what we have….. and to remember those who have passed away, and keep a happy thought in mind, allowing them to live a little again in the new year.
Be kind to one another. Life is ridiculously short.
Welcome to 2012.

Food and Miss J


Two of the best things in this world…. Food and Friends Smile



Quotes – Happiness

“There is only one way to happiness, and that is to cease worrying things which are beyond the power of our will."

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