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Beardyman Adventures launches website

Well here’s some entertaining news, those epic humans over at Beardyman Adventures are launching their website and have a ton of new videos on their YT channel

Inside word from the team is the website is a trial and may or may not getting fancier lol

Go on over to and check it out.

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Cheesey but fun.

Here’s why kids get this puzzle and adults don’t


Omg lol see if you can do the puzzle without cheating    …


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Music: LunchMoney Lewis – Bills


Here’s a cute little number from a newcomer…. 🙂

Great track to start my morning too 🙂 lol 😛

PS. it’s not explicit. stupid youtube.






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Japan Day 2014

HI there, well this is a few weeks late, but hey Smile

Here is a video complication of some of the events and happenings at Japan Day, in Auckland, New Zealand.


Japan Day 2014–Auckland, New Zealand




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GROUP the web series–S01E06- MIMES

GROUP The Web Series


MIMES – OMG, what’s going to happen..

Is Fleur losing her mind, will Nathan lose his first ???

And why is Steve so upset ?

WATCH!! NOW!! Smile with tongue out

GROUP the web series–S01E06- MIMES


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exactly tomato

três tomates caiu no chão. Fiquei triste, porque é importante para a sopa de tomate. Agora, a sopa não terá tomates. o que é uma sopa se não tiver tomates.
Deve ser um outro tipo de sopa, sopa de abóbora, talvez, mas eu estou preocupado porque eu não tenho abóbora e eu não posso fazer qualquer sopa de abóbora com tomate. Estou confuso.

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