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Japan Day 2014

HI there, well this is a few weeks late, but hey Smile

Here is a video complication of some of the events and happenings at Japan Day, in Auckland, New Zealand.


Japan Day 2014–Auckland, New Zealand




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Super Jellyfish at Japan Day 2013


Another year as zoomed past and Japan day is upon us again with Super Jellyfish heading up the Live Act on the outdoor stage.

If you haven’t already, you need to catch these guys live, they rock! Smile

Previous posts including Super Jellyfish:

Super Jellyfish @ Beatnik Asia Vol.3 

Super Jellyfish @ Japan Day 2012

Super Jellyfish FACEBOOK –>  Super Jellyfish  <– FACEBOOK

Here are some videos Smile





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Japan Day 2012 Auckland New Zealand

AH yes, indeed today was the Annual Japan Day Festival here in Auckland, NZ.

And it was AWESOME!! Two of my Fav bands played, Miho Wada and Ai’s SUPER JELLYFISH. Sweeeeeeeet!!!!

Find below, linked videos from my youtube of the two bands and a few other bits.


Hope you enjoy Smile

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MIHO WADA and her Jazz Band


Miho Wada site:
















Satoko – Mima J-Popera



Hip Hop


OCG Osaka Cool Guys


Taiko Drumming



Japan Day March 2011


The yearly Japan Day Festival held at the ASB Show grounds, Auckland, New Zealand.

Please spare a thought for all those who are suffering
in the world. Although it may feel like you are unable
to help, even just sending positive energy is a
great help. Remember those who are less
fortunate then you.










2010 02 28 Img 0908

2010 02 28 Img 0908

Japan Day 2010, Auckland.
Random Snapshots of what happened. Was not that much in the way of events but lots of people and lots of good food πŸ™‚ YAY for food πŸ™‚

2010 02 28 Img 0907

2010 02 28 Img 0907

Japan Day 2010, Auckland.
Random Snapshots of what happened. Was not that much in the way of events but lots of people and lots of good food πŸ™‚ YAY for food πŸ™‚
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