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Miho Wada–Music Videos … GO WATCH!! :)


WOOHOO!!   The fabulous Miho Wada has posted some new music videos!!
GO WATCH!! Smile and you will enjoy much Smile

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Listen and enjoy Smile


Miho Wada–Call Girl



Miho Wada–Pajama Day



Miho Wada–Someone Extra


Miho Wada & The Shit Fight – Round Two



Other Miho Wada links….

Miho Wada & The Shit Fight at Thirsty Dog

Miho Wada & The Shit Fight – Coopers Creek Winery

Miho Wada & The Shit Fight – Mission Bay Jazz Blues Fest 2011

Miho Wada & The Shit Fight @ Japan Night



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thanks Smile

Food and Miss J


Two of the best things in this world…. Food and Friends Smile



Korea Day festival 2011

Well, this is the second one I have attended, and, I have to admit, it was not as good as last year… in fact, this year there was a dominance of food stalls and little else.

So, as much as it pains me to do so, here are some totally lame pictures.

I put fairly much no effort into these, but none the less, here we are.


Issues with Valentines day

So, wishing your loved one (or friend) a Happy VD isnt a good thing.  Gosh i wonder why?   😉

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Ahhh what a nice day. Randomly enough though, it was nice. Lol.

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The Laughing Fish



So, there I was, …..


See It was all in innocents…


I was hungry


It was a fish.




*looks at fish*



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