Japan Night Sept 2010

Ah yep, another fantastic night had again with the Japan night gigs at the Kings Arms Tav.


Here are some random pics 🙂


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Link –>>  Miho Wada and Band


2010_09_01_IMG_0910 2010_09_01_IMG_0913 2010_09_01_IMG_0925 2010_09_01_IMG_0946 2010_09_01_IMG_0992 2010_09_01_IMG_0993 2010_09_01_IMG_1009 2010_09_01_IMG_1010 2010_09_01_IMG_1079


A sample video clip , sorry for the poor sound quality… I’m working on it 🙂





Other Bands…


2010_09_01_IMG_0687 2010_09_01_IMG_0713 2010_09_01_IMG_0736 2010_09_01_IMG_0750 2010_09_01_IMG_0801 2010_09_01_IMG_0846 2010_09_01_IMG_0859 2010_09_01_IMG_0874 2010_09_01_IMG_0878 2010_09_01_IMG_0898



Some video snippets….



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