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Thought of the Day – Thursday, and am I a bot ?



bot work

drivel driven by deriving caffeine from a bean

refresh rate faster than my thinking mate

glow plugs and pugs, close the gate.

Honey I’m not home.

Reginald Perrin be like, the leader – escape from the bot days.

Long Weekend Music



I breathe, and notice, it’s been a while since I posted music… mostly been a while since i have posted in general. 2020. odd year already.

Happy Chinese New Year today.














and the band plays on


and some times, when you’re not feeling the best,
you still have to play on….






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Auckland City Council Assholes


Sorry about this, but I have to vent a little.

Tonight I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival at Albert Park, Auckland….

and I was rather shocked by a comment made by a City Council representative to one of the food-stall occupants.  What happened was he came around at just on closing time and was telling everyone they had to stop selling and turn their main light out, fair enough, but in doing so, the person in the food stall, (who is not native to NZ and so English was most defiantly NOT their first language), didn’t understand clearly what he said, and when they replied that they weren’t sure about the lights, the City Council representative leaned in and said to them “ don’t give me that sarcastic attitude” and they were like what?..

I was standing right there and saw it all first hand.. and I was shocked, that someone who worked and represents the city council at what is a cultural event for the Asian community, had the balls to act like an asshole, and show NO CULTURAL SENSITIVITY OR UNDERSTANDING AT ALL.

I even had a conversation with the person, and explained that the people he was talking too didn’t understand, and that how they talk was just normal for them and their culture.. he then said he spoke to this person earlier in the day (this time was about 10 at night) and he said he knew she was giving him lip,.. to which i said he was wrong cause the person in question had only been there less than an hour and that he should watch what he says… he stood his ground, said he was right, that they were being sarcastic, and then he just walked away.

Well.. Mr Council representative … you should not be working at an event where there is a dynamic cultural mix, cause you obviously haven’t the skills to communicate with other people or even understand that NOT EVERYONE speaks or UNDERSTANDS English like you do.

I have his picture, but I won’t post it just yet, I’m going to publish this, and send a link to the council help desk, and see what happens.. and I might even go to the media.

If I don’t have any joy with that, I will post the picture within the week.



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Food and Miss J


Two of the best things in this world…. Food and Friends Smile



Asian Song Festival and Carnival

Hi there, well Saturday I stopped in at the Asian Song Festival, to my dissapointment I missed the song thing it was the day before.. but what the hey, here’s some random snaps from the little festival after.

Not too much happening, but the people were happy and I had some yummy food , as usual 🙂

2010_04_24_IMG_2336 2010_04_24_IMG_2338 2010_04_24_IMG_2342 2010_04_24_IMG_2344 2010_04_24_IMG_2350 2010_04_24_IMG_2352 2010_04_24_IMG_2355 2010_04_24_IMG_2368 2010_04_24_IMG_2370 2010_04_24_IMG_2372 2010_04_24_IMG_2373 2010_04_24_IMG_2374 2010_04_24_IMG_2375 2010_04_24_IMG_2380 2010_04_24_IMG_2382 2010_04_24_IMG_2383 2010_04_24_IMG_2386 2010_04_24_IMG_2391


And some oddly aggressive drumming…..





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