Asian Song Festival and Carnival

Hi there, well Saturday I stopped in at the Asian Song Festival, to my dissapointment I missed the song thing it was the day before.. but what the hey, here’s some random snaps from the little festival after.

Not too much happening, but the people were happy and I had some yummy food , as usual 🙂

2010_04_24_IMG_2336 2010_04_24_IMG_2338 2010_04_24_IMG_2342 2010_04_24_IMG_2344 2010_04_24_IMG_2350 2010_04_24_IMG_2352 2010_04_24_IMG_2355 2010_04_24_IMG_2368 2010_04_24_IMG_2370 2010_04_24_IMG_2372 2010_04_24_IMG_2373 2010_04_24_IMG_2374 2010_04_24_IMG_2375 2010_04_24_IMG_2380 2010_04_24_IMG_2382 2010_04_24_IMG_2383 2010_04_24_IMG_2386 2010_04_24_IMG_2391


And some oddly aggressive drumming…..





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