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Maa Vue–Nyob Ua Ke–Offical Music Video




Hello my dear people..

My dear friend Maa Vue has released her first official music video… YAY!!

It’s for her touching song: Nyob Ua Ke.

Please visit her youtube chan and click like to show your support for this very talented lady.

Maa Vue–Nyob Ua Ke–Offical Music Video


Maa will be having her debut at the Fresno Hmong International Year Fest.

Keep an eye on her facebook page for more info.

Smile Please show your support, and visit her on the links below. Smile

Official Youtube Chan

Official Facebook Page

Maa Vue - ad


Here is my most fav of all time , Tsab Ntawv

Maa Vue – Tsab Ntawv

Maa Vue–New Short-Covers

Maa Vue - ad

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Maa Vue, that’ sweetest of Angels, has once again blessed us with some beautiful short covers.

Using these short covers to explore other dynamics of her superb vocal work, Maa shows us that she is a vastly talented young lady, who will one day, burst into the music world and show us what real talent is all about.

Maa is also a very talented photographer, check out her site for more info (click this link) on Facebook.

Here is a few of my personal favourites from her shot covers so far.

True Colors–Cyndi Lauper–Cover


Titanium–David Guetta–Cover


Lights–Ellie Goulding–Cover


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Asian Song Festival and Carnival

Hi there, well Saturday I stopped in at the Asian Song Festival, to my dissapointment I missed the song thing it was the day before.. but what the hey, here’s some random snaps from the little festival after.

Not too much happening, but the people were happy and I had some yummy food , as usual 🙂

2010_04_24_IMG_2336 2010_04_24_IMG_2338 2010_04_24_IMG_2342 2010_04_24_IMG_2344 2010_04_24_IMG_2350 2010_04_24_IMG_2352 2010_04_24_IMG_2355 2010_04_24_IMG_2368 2010_04_24_IMG_2370 2010_04_24_IMG_2372 2010_04_24_IMG_2373 2010_04_24_IMG_2374 2010_04_24_IMG_2375 2010_04_24_IMG_2380 2010_04_24_IMG_2382 2010_04_24_IMG_2383 2010_04_24_IMG_2386 2010_04_24_IMG_2391


And some oddly aggressive drumming…..





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