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Maa Vue–New Short-Covers

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Maa Vue, that’ sweetest of Angels, has once again blessed us with some beautiful short covers.

Using these short covers to explore other dynamics of her superb vocal work, Maa shows us that she is a vastly talented young lady, who will one day, burst into the music world and show us what real talent is all about.

Maa is also a very talented photographer, check out her site for more info (click this link) on Facebook.

Here is a few of my personal favourites from her shot covers so far.

True Colors–Cyndi Lauper–Cover


Titanium–David Guetta–Cover


Lights–Ellie Goulding–Cover


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Al Jarreau

One of my influenses when I was playing in the 80’s…


Al Jarreau has it, and this is one of my fav tracks….

But, really, I’m glad I never saw the video for it.. LOL, still, cant win them all Smile

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