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Hikaru Utada Live–

Yes, today I was in heaven….

When I just purely by chance saw a tweet from Hikaru, about a pending live concert, and here I am, in New Zealand.. watching Hikaru Utada … LIVE in concert on

These are the days I am glad the internet exists.

Thank you Internet.

The show went on for 2.5 hours…. and it’s really nice when an artist, such as Hikaru Utada shows that they have talent by playing actual instruments and singing live.

Live screen caps during the show…. Smile

Utada on Ustreamtv Live 08-12-2010 - cropped

Utada on Ustreamtv Live1 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live2 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live4 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live5 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live6 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live7 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live8 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live9 08-12-2010

Miho Wada and St Kevin Arcade–Stills and Videos

Tonight was the launch of the “1st Thursday” event, at Aucklands St Kevins Arcade, a popular

shopping and cafe spot.

They have a variety of shops and stalls, entertainment and food available.

Here are a few pictures from tonight…

St Kevins Arcade:

IMG_2010_12_02_0889 IMG_2010_12_02_0890 IMG_2010_12_02_0896IMG_2010_12_02_0900 IMG_2010_12_02_0901 IMG_2010_12_02_0908IMG_2010_12_02_0911


Some Street Drumming – YOUTUBE LINK CLICK HERE

Miho Wada and the Shit Fight were the band of the night, and they went off awesomely…

Here’s some images of the gig.

Sorry for the poor image quality, the lighting level was really low and I had to use a fairly high ISO.




Miho Wada & The Shit Fight – Miho Wada & The Shit Fight Band

Thank you for watching Smile

Al Jarreau

One of my influenses when I was playing in the 80’s…


Al Jarreau has it, and this is one of my fav tracks….

But, really, I’m glad I never saw the video for it.. LOL, still, cant win them all Smile

Girls Generation

*screams* stop the pain….

Hikaru Utada

OMG…. *screams like a girl*


Minmi, M-flow and Capsule




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