Hikaru Utada Live–Ustream.tv

Yes, today I was in heaven….

When I just purely by chance saw a tweet from Hikaru, about a pending live concert, and here I am, in New Zealand.. watching Hikaru Utada … LIVE in concert on ustream.tv.

These are the days I am glad the internet exists.

Thank you Internet.

The show went on for 2.5 hours…. and it’s really nice when an artist, such as Hikaru Utada shows that they have talent by playing actual instruments and singing live.

Live screen caps during the show…. Smile

Utada on Ustreamtv Live 08-12-2010 - cropped

Utada on Ustreamtv Live1 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live2 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live4 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live5 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live6 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live7 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live8 08-12-2010

Utada on Ustreamtv Live9 08-12-2010

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  1. […] I watched the original broadcast live via ustream and noted it in a previous blog found here: https://uneasypills.com/2010/12/08/hikaru-utada-liveustream-tv/ […]


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