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From Bump to Buzz ? Kewl!! :)


OMG so cute…


From Bump to Buzz


This is one of the nicest “preggy” type videos i’ve seen in ages. So chuffed. Smile

2013-01-01–first blog of the year






Well hello there…




… fancy meeting you here 🙂




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Magical Music

just listening to a few tracks to get me started for the day.


M-Flo loves Melody & Ryohei–Miss You


M-Flo loves BoA–Love Bug


M-Flo loves Minmi–Lotta Love

Oriental Pathways..


As odd as this is, it was for a photography assignment.

The point was, this document, was a description of another photographic work by the author (of the document) and was talking about Asian influence in Dominion Road (a long long road in my city), so what I was trying to do was take a photo of it at an odd angle, like reading Asian script from right to left, and the lines of the text depicting the length of the road travelled by many.

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Exciting news!!! Miho Wada & The Shit Fight–New Single!!!!


WOW everyone!! Listen up, Miho Wada and The Shit Fight have their new Single available for a sneak preview on Mihos MySpace website…


Go there!!

Stop reading this.. and GO THERE Smile


Here it is: now GO:

Miho Wada Web Site:


*dances* woohoo!!!  *dances more* Smile

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