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From Bump to Buzz ? Kewl!! :)


OMG so cute…


From Bump to Buzz


This is one of the nicest “preggy” type videos i’ve seen in ages. So chuffed. Smile

The world around me is insane


The world around me is insane.

And I am the only here that is level headed.


That is actually not quite accurate.

I am insane also.

But I choose to think like that because that allows me to remain level headed and survive in this insane world, where level headedness is looked down upon and the truly kind hearted are stabbed by eyes of gloom and souls of pure tar.

In amongst this all, I still survive, all be it as a slim shimmer of a child’s scream in the darkness of my cave, deep, deep inside my level headed insanity.

Two new images….






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