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Mini road trip to Coromandel Town April 2016


IMG 20140101 002401



So HI there 🙂


here’s a little not very good mini road trip video thing of my trip to Coromandel Town… mostly it was to get me to a photo shoot, which it did, 

but also it was, just because, you know, making poorly edited and thought out videos is fun!! 🙂 LOL


Yerrrrr   anyways… watch watch 🙂

























Music: LunchMoney Lewis – Bills


Here’s a cute little number from a newcomer…. 🙂

Great track to start my morning too 🙂 lol 😛

PS. it’s not explicit. stupid youtube.






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The Most Radioactive Places on Earth – Veritasium


This is a interesting video by Veritasium about radiation.

Worth a watch… and I do mean, watch all of it.. it won’t make sense if you don’t 🙂



IMG 20140101 002401


Violent attack leaves 1 dead, one wounded



In what was undeniably a vicious attack, leaving one dead and one seriously injured the investigation continues in the hunt for the suspected perpetrator. 

Although no crumbs have been found as yet, the investigators are not giving up hope.

Trying to catch this person is of the utmost importance.









Chocolate fish 1




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The Mighty–1 & 2

Not sure which one I prefer.

if any. either. who knows.

you tell me, here, comment on this blog Smile


2014-06-14_042A_9999_EOS 5D Mark III_24-22014-06-14_042A_9999_EOS 5D Mark III_24-Edit-2


So, which one ?



My dirty night out


2014-05-24_042A_9999_EOS 5D Mark III_38-Edit-2-watermarked



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