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BBC News: Nasa: Artemis Moon rocket second launch attempt called off

BBC News – Nasa: Artemis Moon rocket second launch attempt called off

Lol to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Common nasa stop faking it, keep trying cause one day ya might make it


Abandoned Space Program in Russia


Here is a link, to a cool article about an abandoned space program, and photos.

the article links you back to the original blog post from whence it came also.

Totally worth a look.

Spooky and sad at the same time


And here’s the original blog link.



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Rocket Lab unveils electric rocket engine

Because New Zealanders are awesome.  We come up with new rocket technology…. 🙂

3D printed battery powered rocket. Now this is what we call no.8 thinking 🙂

Now… where did I leave my coffee…

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The Most Radioactive Places on Earth – Veritasium


This is a interesting video by Veritasium about radiation.

Worth a watch… and I do mean, watch all of it.. it won’t make sense if you don’t 🙂



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Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

Ah yes, the passing of Neil Armstrong, first man to set food upon the moon, and say those now immortal words "That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind."

In my Lifetime, this will happen alot.

People we grew up knowing, will pass.

The world will change.

And in 100 years, who will remember us ?

Neil Armstrong dies


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