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The world is getting smaller

Today is a good day.
I woke up alive (always useful), had great coffee, worked, came home, watched GOT S08E05…
but best of all, I had a phone-call from a dear friend living in Europe.
It still amazes me, even to this day, how fast technology has jumped.
When I was little ( yea 40+ years ago lol ) , we had the old school analogue phones (manual exchange too) that bounced calls around on copper lines, and internationally via satellite.
I remember the delays on conversations that tech offered.. 
Then fibre hit, woohoo.. nice.
Then the more modern advent of the mobile phone, call quality internationally took a step backwards but caught up quickly.
Now a GSM call to an overseas friend is pretty seamless … and just now, my chat with my friend in Europe was via one of the many mobile messaging apps available nowadays…
No paying for international calls now, when it’s all via an app and the internets… though I do wonder how long before internet providers start clamping down on apps and charging for “value added” services to allow you to use a messaging app.. 😛
Still though, through all that… it’s the best feeling chatting to a dear friend on the other side of the planet… ( excluding those pesky time zone differences 😛 )

Those technology jumps though.. manual telephone exchange … to mobile apps .. black and white tv to … mobile apps.. no mobile phones too.. mobiles and their apps… life was simpler back then, it was smaller too, and less interesting, but more connected to the community immediately around us, though not so much these days. 


Nothing quite like seeing people in person though, but that’s not always possible… I wonder.. how will things be in 5 or 10 years time… I wonder.. 🙂
In the end though, I am always and forever grateful for the beautiful people I am blessed to have in my life, from my friends down the road, to those on the other side of the world, all around the world, everywhere… thank you, and keep exploring. ❤
Oh, don’t forget coffee and chocolate 😛
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Thanks for being awesome
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BBC News: Nokia dials back time to sell mobile phones again

Nokia dials back time to sell mobile phones again –

Pretty ugh … thoughts of what Nokia were like still fill mw with dreamy warm memories of beautiful devices that worked well… 

But can they make a come back …. would i buy one again… maybe. . Maybe if they can recreate that design feel.. and .. dare i say it.. Their OS again.. it was basic, sure, but it worked. ..

Android is all this and all that and all Google owned and manipulated and data rape-able by Google. .. so .. In a world where we are losing concept and control over privacy and style..   why not.

Why not indeed.  
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Nowness – How our obsession with technology could disrupt our human connectivity



How do broken lives come from connection ?


How our obsession with technology could disrupt our human connectivity – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.




Computer for Apollo – Interesting Tech at Nasa

2015 02 12 18 28 54
















Here’s an interesting look into computing past, mid 1960’s,

where the “space race” was using early computers, not long out of the

vacuum tube era… quite interesting stuff 🙂





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Rocket Lab unveils electric rocket engine

Because New Zealanders are awesome.  We come up with new rocket technology…. 🙂

3D printed battery powered rocket. Now this is what we call no.8 thinking 🙂

Now… where did I leave my coffee…

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