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Funerals, celebration and loss

I have no doubt that i will revisit this post a few times, edit it here and there so it’s a bit more coherent and reflective of what I want to say, but for the time being, what follows below will suffice. Forgive the grammatical and spelling … it’s 2am.

Today i attended the funeral of an old friend, introduced to me by others some 40 or so years ago and over time became friends.

Through them and other friends I got to know more of their family, and so that relationship grew.

Today, at their funeral, I had the chance to catchup with some people I hadn’t seen in many many years…. people I knew though them and that extended aquantenceship.

Some of these people had become good friends, and we had stayed in touch over the years via social media, or the odd gathering etc…

Some, not so much – this is just how life is.

But today, (and one previous funeral) for some reason, more so than other funerals and re-acquaintances I’ve attended (even my own immediate family), the realisation that I’ll likely never see most of these people again really hit home…. and it’s been keeping me up and bothered for most of the night.

We meet someone, and through them get to know others, and remain in touch to varying degrees with them… and when the centre pinion of that relationship passes on, you realise… you’ll most likely never see those others again.

This isn’t always the case granted, but in this case, and for the unfortunate three funerals I’ve attended this year already, it is.

How do we manage this…. these others haven’t passed on, they are still alive and doing their thing, but you don’t really have a strong core reason to remain in touch all the time or to a more greater scale other than historical knowledge and social respect…

How do we manage these smaller yet important relationships…

All of these, over the years we grow, all of these help shape us to a degree, no matter how small the influence may be.

I was happy, though, that i made the effort today to stay a little longer and catch up with one of those people, they had moved with their respective family over seas, so we had stayed in touch on occasion via various social media, but we were good friends, and it was really heart-warming to see them again.

The previous funeral I attended, the passing of one of my good mates mother, also made me realise that there’s some of these people who’m I’ve known in a far more frequent and closer manner (again due to the core pinion of introduction), that I’ll also likely never really see again..

It’s a strange thing, like, going through a relationship breakup over and over but on different levels… lol, it really is, though, a breaking of relationships… how odd a term, but yet, how fitting.

At my own mothers funeral a few years ago, I was reacquainted with old family friends, some I had known as playmates when we were children.. lost touch as we moved on with our respective lives, and then back in touch for a few hours because of a death.

It’s really quite true when they say funerals are where you get to meet people you haven’t seen for a long time, realise how out of touch you have become, and then never see them again.

The oddest of places to see familiar faces.

Sorry for the ramble, I’m not really doing a good job of expressing what’s on my mind, but this will have to do.

Three funerals this year already, that’s three too many.

As we grow older, it is a natural part of life that we will likely attend more funerals… and then one day we will attend our last one.. namely our own…

And a generation will come, and come to pass, and we will be forgotten .. those of us who knew us, too, will pass, and generations will come and go, and they will all be forgotten.

If you really want to think about it, as of this day, it’s likely that in 150 years, then ENTIRE population of this planet will die, be replaced by generations of others, who will forget we ever existed.

Just think about that for.a while, be as bothered as i am about it, and then realise….

When we die, it won’t matter. Because we will be gone, and thus far, that we know of at least, no ones come back.

ok.. this is starting to get a little too dark in my head now.

Until next time, or not, … remember those around you.

BBC News: YouTube channels need 10,000 views for adverts

YouTube channels need 10,000 views for adverts –

For a while now i have been pondering upon what to do with my YouTube channel … As much as i do enjoy making videos, they are time consuming to do..and increasingly more annoying trying to adhere to YouTube ever changing requirements and rules for content. 

There have been many a YT personality express there irritation at what’s going on with YT and how YT appears to be consistently making it harder and harder to remain with them at any worthwhile level when it comes to revenue, which a lot of the bigger YT names rely on as their income while making YT content full time.

For me as a  simple casual content creator who doesn’t even have 100 subscribers ( lol ) income isn’t an issue as I have full time employment already and this forthr most part a fun hobby and a means to create a living memory for myself and whomever may be interested. 

I keep my content trimmed of any of my photo shoots and other events as YT would likely close my little channel down for some petty rule about showing to much skin lol.  … not me… my models… lol believe me no one wants to see my skin.. it just ain’t pretty hahaha 🙂

But anyway…. I’ve been holding back on making more content and looking around at what might be available … thus far only Vimeo looks viable .. 

Still through .. how far should I take it..After all its just a hobby .. 

Should I include behind the scenes photo shoot stuff ? Should I do more road trips and adventure ? … maybe I should drop that media format all together and just just platforms like Instagram, tumblr and twitter. .. none of which gain me any decent exposure anyway.. I.guess maybe other than Instagram .. who knows lol.

It’s all food for thought. . And I’ve thought about it  and now I’m eating the food lol 

Happy weekend everyone 🙂
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I am so very happy to see you here again…

It is always nice, when old friends can smile at each other one more time,

and share moments past, creating memories for the future.

RIP Mr Paul A. Strange


Paul Strange - RIP 17-12-2011

Sadly on Saturday 17th Dec 2011, a very good friend passed away unexpectedly.

Paul Strange (yes that is his real name) was one hell of a good bloke. I’d known him both professionally and personally as a very good friend for nay over 18 years, and had always enjoyed hanging out, having BBQ’s, and generally enjoying life.

It’s strange how things seen so weird now, you’re not even going to show up for dinner next week…. stink… it was your shout too.


Don’t take your friends (or family) for granted, life walks away far to fast and memories don’t replace the soul.

This is the latest and last picture I have of Paul, from 12th of Nov 2011, we went up to Matakana and then Scotts Point/landing, where we chilled out for the evening enjoying the view and whatnot.

Paul A Strange - last picture - matakana and scotts point 12-nov-2011


As Mr Strange would say… “PENIS”!!

Now stop reading this and Get out and enjoy life.





As memories grow old.. 1

I understood today, as my memory grows old, that which I recalled past, aged also.

Time possess both my mind and my roots








I understood today, as my memory grows old, that which I recalled past, no longer remains the same.

Seeing for miles, obscured by objects of unnatural creation.

Time possess both my mind and my roots but worst of all, it changes what I once remembered as a boy.



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