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I am so very happy to see you here again…

It is always nice, when old friends can smile at each other one more time,

and share moments past, creating memories for the future.

Captures via reflective glass


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Old home…

Queenstown, New Zealand.
My home town.

This picture was taken on my original  Canon AE-1 Program (black) camera, with some sort of lens.. I can’t recall now.

It was before the re-build of the Wharf, and as you can see it was during one of Queenstown awesome floods.

The lake, Lake Wakatipu, rises up about 3 or 4 meters with the melting of the snow and stuff, and floods the town very often.

Don’t ask what year it was, I know what it was, I’m just not telling 🙂



Flooding at the TSS Wharf



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