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Wrong sided medical hiccups or stupid bipedal buggery?

here’s an interesting story from the beeeeb that’s worth a glance though I stopped at the 16% of mistakes in surgery part , 16% holy batfuckman.

Not a suppose though as many years ago when I unfortunately had kidney stones on my left side I was being checked out of hospital with the documentation stating it was the right side , and boy did I have to somewhat mildly argue with the doctor on duty to get that corrected

And I know of people that have had their lives changed due to medical McFuckeries here and over seas.

So I wonder if that 16% is actually a lot higher in New Zealand ….

Over all overalls are something you’d wear over all your clothing before doing something dirty …..

So dress up before you mess up.

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BBC News: Is North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un rational?

Is North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un rational? –

I do find these types of articles quite amusing to read while I’m enjoying a nice weekend lunch.  

This one though.. from the BBC .. One if the most unreliable news agencies around. .. is super amusing to me today because it’s a really good example of how new or media in general has its own a agenda when it comes to shaping and manipulating the readers thoughts.  

Here we see the reporter try to manipulate the readers opinion of Kim to match the implied  headline of be irrational by saying he’s had several of his loyal generals killed… The key manipulative word here being “loyal”.. The reporter is telling you they we loyal, hence making you think he is irrational. Maybe he is or isn’t .. we don’t actually know.. we can’t know because we don’t know what’s going on in the background of that family and political construct. 

So .. what can we do about it? … nothing I guess as the only information we have is what’s fed to us through the refining process of media manipulation. 

Now it’s also quote possible the media its self is also being manipulated by political powers … In fact I’d not be surprised .. 

Oh this could just go on and on.. and frankly I’m hungry..

So I’m going to eat 🙂

Have a great Sunday everyone 

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BBC News: The Dutch prison crisis: A shortage of prisoners

The Dutch prison crisis: A shortage of prisoners –

I like fried onions… and i like what the Dutch have been doing. 

As my country faces a shortage of prisons because our system sucks and our justice council is as corrupt as some of the people it puts away… 

Trump gets in.. Our prime minister is just  as retarded … 

I wonder what the future holds..  
Breakfast time. 

BBC News: Bayer confirms $66bn Monsanto takeover

Bayer confirms $66bn Monsanto takeover –

This can’t be a good thing..  

As Bayer now are set to become supplier od about 25% of the world’s seed .. what will happen to the planet? 
It’s bad enough now that Monsanto are the super evil of the planet. .. being sold to another company and making them even more untouchable can’t hold good news….
Thoughts ?

BBC News: Chilcot report: US ‘pushed UK into Iraq War too early’, says ex-ambassador

Chilcot report: US ‘pushed UK into Iraq War too early’, says ex-ambassador –

Well no surprise. .  A few weeks ago I watched an interview of Obama by the BBC talking about the pending vote for briexit .  It was a very very carefully worded response to questions..and you could so clearly see how the USA was doing its best to manipulate people and other countries to doing what they wanted   I’ll link it. ..   So.. what are your thoughts ?



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BBC News: Hobbit find shows tiny humans shrank ‘rapidly’

Hobbit find shows tiny humans shrank ‘rapidly’ –

I wonder if Peter Jackson knows about this……..

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