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BBC News: Bill Gates: We are vulnerable to flu epidemic in next decade

Bill Gates: We are vulnerable to flu epidemic in next decade –

Bill Gates is so full of shit.. His foundation funds Monsanto GMO research.. He believes in making a “vaccine” to stop countries breading. . He even admits it in a videoed interview .. saying his dad was of a similar mindset that world population control was his top agenda …. 

The guy is a nut job.  Does the world really want someone like him in a position of power ? 

BBC News: Bayer confirms $66bn Monsanto takeover

Bayer confirms $66bn Monsanto takeover –

This can’t be a good thing..  

As Bayer now are set to become supplier od about 25% of the world’s seed .. what will happen to the planet? 
It’s bad enough now that Monsanto are the super evil of the planet. .. being sold to another company and making them even more untouchable can’t hold good news….
Thoughts ?

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