Old home…

Queenstown, New Zealand.
My home town.

This picture was taken on my original  Canon AE-1 Program (black) camera, with some sort of lens.. I can’t recall now.

It was before the re-build of the Wharf, and as you can see it was during one of Queenstown awesome floods.

The lake, Lake Wakatipu, rises up about 3 or 4 meters with the melting of the snow and stuff, and floods the town very often.

Don’t ask what year it was, I know what it was, I’m just not telling 🙂



Flooding at the TSS Wharf



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2 comments so far

  1. davidmalta on

    I would have loved that as a kid. A few years down the track, floods probably start to lose their charm!


    • Z3Bra on

      Yeah, but I love it now.. get the 4×4 out and let rip 😉


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