when friend dies

I only found out last night, one of my long time friends passed away, known him about 20 years,

both in the industry i work in and as a personal friend.


He was working on Friday afternoon, and just collapsed. apparently a very large bleed-out in his brain.

so he was dead. no coming back from that.

today, Saturday, at the hospital  i spent a few hours with him and his wife and family. his body is on life support,

but its only keeping the biological part alive. waiting for more of his family to arrive from over seas.

You know, how weird it is, to be standing there, right next to someone you’ve know for so long, to see them,

and not see them. as the flesh is there, breathing by a machine, but, no life.

as soon as you see them, you know instantly that its not them its not them.

eyes closed, breathing sounds, but nothing else. they look a little different, not quite right.

not in a bad way, just.. different.

its a calm feeling.. like… calm. but the emotions hammer in fairly quickly when you start to realise you will never see them again, never hang out and have a cuppa tea, or listen to stories about the navy and places they’ve been.

there was a memorial service this evening, that I’ve come back from. it was nice.

the new week is going to be hard though.

this is the first time I’ve experienced someone close to me passing on.

once is enough.

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