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Billy Field and more …. :)

Yerp Some Billy Field…. from a long time ago…

ahh.. the good old days Smile







EQVAY04–Oh my goodness


Yer… Aussie has some famous people, bleh.

Aussie also has…. EQVAY04!!  ( screams like a fanzebraboythingwhatever )


She’s funny, insanely beautiful, totally hot, and can sing Winking smile

Check her bits out below, and go watch and rate all her videos and stuff.. yeah, cause you know.. NZ doesn’t have anyone as hot Smile


FACEBOOK – The Little Asian Bird

Here’s a few of my favs….


Dead Birds and some Music…..

I dunno…


Dead Birds.
Short with a Canon
Mutilated by Picasa

In all, fun 🙂


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D.I.G (directions in groove) Awesome Jazz band from Australia.

DIG Directions In Groove–Hip Replacement (Australian)
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