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BBC News: Rock, paper scissors and the fierce world of Japanese pop

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it ..   yeah whatever…

Honestly though in was reading through the news.. and this was the most sensible item I saw.. I mean there was the usual trump wants a wall and we are 30 seconds closer to an apocalypse. .. The usual run of the mill stuff. .

But this… 

This reinforces in me that there is still some sensibility and goodness left in the world… 

A reason to hold my head high.. to go on.. to keep hope alive that the human race has a future…. 

Rock, paper scissors and the fierce world of Japanese pop –

Veritasium – The Distraction Economy



Worth a watch / Listen.

Police and dog called to arrest suspicious naked man attacked


Even though I find the artical funny… it’s the headline that got me.

Seems the news media these days are employing idiots who can’t use grammar correctly.. not saying I’m any good.. but if I can spot the mistakes then that is saying something. . 

Still. . This is what’s happening.. The dumbing down of news .. manipulation of the facts for a better story or to support whatever agenda is on the go at the time..

Article is still a giggle though. .

Have a beautiful Monday everyone 🙂

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scientists manage to levitate liquid


Check out this news item link below for more info.


scientists do liquid levitation.. woot!

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