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I am older,
standing guard,
no one sees me anymore
just dwelling around the edges of existence.




my soul sleeps here…

my soul sleeps here

My soul sleeps here,
upon the waters,
within your memories.
Dark distant emotions adrift.




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Western Lights


Possible Images ?

Hi all,

If you can be bothered, be interesting to get some feedback on the following two images.


Please don’t steal.




30 seconds at f/22





With flash fill for posts.




With flash fill for posts.

Contrast adjusted.

Das Zoo!

And it rained… and me and my camera gear got… yes.. you guessed it.. we got not dry. Still, the rhinos stank *holds nose* dang… 🙂


Here are some totally random images, oh, and I noticed, I seem to have screwed up some setting in the camera and now the JPG files come out overexposed. really really annoying.. will have to find what it is (probably the idiot holding the camera) 🙂


2010_08_08_IMG_0218 2010_08_08_IMG_0232-1 2010_08_08_IMG_0240 2010_08_08_IMG_0248


This one has me confused… why would you put a phallic shaped drinking fountain at a zoo ?   … yeah… only in New Zealand eh… 🙂



Uncle Bob and Aunty Mandy



George and Kerry…



Uncle Mike



Some random ass!



Cousin Jerry showing off his new dental work.. sheesh.



Second Cousin Kathy, getting her … err…. never mind….



Beryl and Sally – chronic gossipers


Random Drive, Gypsy Fairs and National Parks

Went for a semi-random drive today, there was a Gypsy fair on in one of the outlying towns, so went there.. Oh so lame… it’s on again in a few weeks in another city, will go to that one, hopfully it will be better…

here are a few pictures from the fair…

2010_05_02_IMG_2582 2010_05_02_IMG_2588 2010_05_02_IMG_2590 2010_05_02_IMG_2591 2010_05_02_IMG_2597 2010_05_02_IMG_2598 2010_05_02_IMG_2601 2010_05_02_IMG_2606

After that, I stopped at our old Earth Station Satellite Base. It’s hardly used anymore, which is a shame, and back in the day, there used to be a little show and stuff that you could go watch,.. a family sort of thing… shame how things have changed 😦

2010_05_02_IMG_2618 2010_05_02_IMG_2624

After that, a drive to a beach,

2010_05_02_IMG_2684 2010_05_02_IMG_2687

and then a National Park, with video………

2010_05_02_IMG_27022010_05_02_IMG_27162010_05_02_IMG_2700 2010_05_02_IMG_2707


Hope you enjoyed this lot.

Next week or two will be a bit more quiet, as I have a ton of other stuff I need to do.


Hawaii – Day 10 – Bum City (Thursday)

Another kool day.

Took pictures of Bums… I’ll update this in a few days when I get home.


Spent the rest of the day with my dear dear friend Jenivie…See other posts for Links to her shows.


….. a few days later….. I have added Bumage pictures 🙂

2010_03_19_IMG_1689 2010_03_19_IMG_1690 2010_03_19_IMG_1685 2010_03_19_IMG_1687 2010_03_19_IMG_1688

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