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All Videos – Epic Road Trip Feb 2021

That’s right, after a wonderful 10 weeks of dropping videos, the series is done, and here they are all in one place for your viewing confusion 😛

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New Video @ YT – Epic Road Trip – Part 04 – 11-12 Feb 2021 – Wellington to Dannivirke

took my baby to the beach

she got a little wet, but didn’t mind too much.
took her home and gave her a bit of a wash, i think she likes that Winking smile

saw some cows and chickens.





I just

Used my car key to scratch my ear…



1) it was itchy

2) i could.



Who killed the electric car


Interesting series .. it’s a Documentary about the electric car.

worth a watch.


Auto Show at Bayswater School March 2012


On a stunning clear and hot Sunday afternoon there was a Auto Show / Fund raising event for a school was to be held. And.. thus it was held… and so I went. Smile

Many nice looking cars and much goodness of food to be had (and was had).

Find below some random selection of images of the day.

No particular order.


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Please feel fee to subscribe and comment Smile YAY


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