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Who killed the electric car


Interesting series .. it’s a Documentary about the electric car.

worth a watch.


Auckland Speed Show

HI there, well last weekend I went to the Speedshow, an annual event held at one of our expo centres. It’s all usually much of the same stuff… cars, food, drink and girls not wearing much 😉


Here are some totally random snaps from the show.


Obviously, copyright remains with the obvious copyright holders in the images.


2010_07_24_IMG_0047 2010_07_24_IMG_0053 2010_07_24_IMG_0072 2010_07_24_IMG_0075 2010_07_24_IMG_0077 2010_07_24_IMG_0079 2010_07_24_IMG_0080 2010_07_24_IMG_0085 2010_07_24_IMG_0089 2010_07_24_IMG_0090 2010_07_24_IMG_0091 2010_07_24_IMG_0098 2010_07_24_IMG_0099 2010_07_24_IMG_0100 2010_07_24_IMG_0107 2010_07_24_IMG_0108 2010_07_24_IMG_0116 2010_07_24_IMG_0117 2010_07_24_IMG_0118 2010_07_24_IMG_0119 2010_07_24_IMG_0120 2010_07_24_IMG_0125 2010_07_24_IMG_0134 2010_07_24_IMG_0136 2010_07_24_IMG_0138 2010_07_24_IMG_0143 2010_07_24_IMG_0145 2010_07_24_IMG_0149 2010_07_24_IMG_0151 2010_07_24_IMG_0152 2010_07_24_IMG_0153

Hawaii – Random Images

Here, after getting back home and my first day back at work.. are some random images to end my Hawaii adventure.

These are random.. no real descriptions or anything.


If you want High quality versions of these, let me know which ones and I can send you some info.



2010_03_20_IMG_1845 2010_03_20_IMG_1870

2010_03_20_IMG_1811 2010_03_20_IMG_17802010_03_20_IMG_1805  2010_03_19_IMG_1666

2010_03_20_IMG_1755 2010_03_19_IMG_1667

2010_03_19_IMG_1670 2010_03_19_IMG_1679

2010_03_19_IMG_1709 2010_03_19_IMG_1710

2010_03_16_IMG_1632 2010_03_15_IMG_1627


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