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Warkworth RSA and fun

HI there folks..

last night I went up to the Warkworth RSA to watch a good mate at a gig.

It was a hoot, the place is really nice, people are lovely, and generally a fun environment.

Click here for their website…

Here’s a little compilation video of the goings-ons up there. Smile


On the Warkworth RSA Newsletter..


Warkworth RSA
Great Place,
Great People,
Good food,
Fun Entertainment 🙂

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    Auto Show at Bayswater School March 2012


    On a stunning clear and hot Sunday afternoon there was a Auto Show / Fund raising event for a school was to be held. And.. thus it was held… and so I went. Smile

    Many nice looking cars and much goodness of food to be had (and was had).

    Find below some random selection of images of the day.

    No particular order.


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    Please feel fee to subscribe and comment Smile YAY


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    Auckland Speed Show

    HI there, well last weekend I went to the Speedshow, an annual event held at one of our expo centres. It’s all usually much of the same stuff… cars, food, drink and girls not wearing much 😉


    Here are some totally random snaps from the show.


    Obviously, copyright remains with the obvious copyright holders in the images.


    2010_07_24_IMG_0047 2010_07_24_IMG_0053 2010_07_24_IMG_0072 2010_07_24_IMG_0075 2010_07_24_IMG_0077 2010_07_24_IMG_0079 2010_07_24_IMG_0080 2010_07_24_IMG_0085 2010_07_24_IMG_0089 2010_07_24_IMG_0090 2010_07_24_IMG_0091 2010_07_24_IMG_0098 2010_07_24_IMG_0099 2010_07_24_IMG_0100 2010_07_24_IMG_0107 2010_07_24_IMG_0108 2010_07_24_IMG_0116 2010_07_24_IMG_0117 2010_07_24_IMG_0118 2010_07_24_IMG_0119 2010_07_24_IMG_0120 2010_07_24_IMG_0125 2010_07_24_IMG_0134 2010_07_24_IMG_0136 2010_07_24_IMG_0138 2010_07_24_IMG_0143 2010_07_24_IMG_0145 2010_07_24_IMG_0149 2010_07_24_IMG_0151 2010_07_24_IMG_0152 2010_07_24_IMG_0153

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