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The Mamaku Project-Music In Parks 2012


The 2012 Auckland Music In the Parks series is upon us again, with public free offerings of various shows.

here’s a small sample of one of them from this weekend just gone.

IMAGES – videos below.



VIDEOS – images above.

Sorry about the abrupt ending on the videos, I have found that
the camera only records for 12 minutes then stops.
How annoying is that 🙂





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I am older,
standing guard,
no one sees me anymore
just dwelling around the edges of existence.




my soul sleeps here…

my soul sleeps here

My soul sleeps here,
upon the waters,
within your memories.
Dark distant emotions adrift.




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A feeling

Unsure of how to move forward, sitting here in my car, having spent time in a public park trying to remember what i am supposed to feel again, but you know, that memroy eludes me.  I think i semi-understand that im not happy with the course of my life again. That i should change again, but im so tired of that now, always changing, never finding that peace of mind and soul that you hear about all the time.  Sure sure you can put on a braveface, joke about the misfortunes of others, but in the end you still look in the mirror and see the one everyone else jokes about. Its odd though, trying to stay emotionally cold and failing at it.

Self protection isnt what it once used to be.

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Tonight, there were fire dancers in a local park. Smile


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Mission Bay Jazz Blues Street Fest Feb 2011

Yes, finally.. Pictures and Videos from the Mission Bay Jazz and Blues Street Festival that was held in Mission Bay, Feb 2011.

A random selection of images and some videos.

The videos are experimental, as I wasn’t planning to do any video work that day.

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Music in the Parks series :) March 2011


Here are some snippets from this weekends Music in the Parks series.

Some Blues, some Jazz, some Indian Smile

Sorry, the videos are a bit rough, it was a mad-windy day and I had to be somewhat selective about what I could shoot Smile 







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