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A beautiful conversation

As I sit at my favourite cafe on a lazy Sunday morning, I enjoy a humble breakfast (my diet cheat day) and the quiet surroundings and soft jazz music that lightly caresses my lobes in the background.

Forward of my table sits a mother and daughter.. Both lost deeply in conversation about this or that.. No doubt sharing their viewpoints on the days events or the week gone by.

Gracefully embracing the moment and withholding any obvious outburst of emotion.

That’s them there ( see image above ) forward and to either extreme of my delightfully empty breakfast plate ….

Obviously engulfed in deep conversations..

With someone else lol.

I’ve been sat here for about 45 minutes, they were here when I arrived and I suspect i might leave with them still fully intact in their original upright oblivious-to-eachother positions.

To my direct right sit a couple (an ex couple I discover via their somewhat short tort and demeaning obsverations of each other’s downfalls and features) discussing how they should dispose of mutual belongings and their dog….

I occasionally glance over at them hoping they wi’ll notice me looking at them with my “will you two kindly quieten down or GTFO” glare in my eyes … but no.. so that conversation in futility continues through who the dog likes better and whom has the shittier cloths…

To my left, I delight in a small group of happy sounding people yabbering away with laughter in whatever language they speak.. sounds pretty though.. wish I could understand it .. wonder what their lives are like.. what adventures they have been on or things they’ve seen or food they’ve eaten .. Yea.. it always comes back to food lol.

Wait! Omg! Mother and daughter have just left! What voodoo magic is this .. I didn’t even notice.. maybe they have stealth mode enabled …

Doesn’t matter though because a seriously attractive lady just too their table .. possibly a backpacker by the looks and defiantly foreign.. wonder where she’s from… if she’s waiting for anyone.. I glance up a few times only to see her, like the previous tenants of that table, also deeply lost in conversation with a digital someone … or something .. ah well…

I glance up again to see that she’s ordered a chocolate shake and a very yummy looking cookie… lucky cookie… Lol…. bugger me… lucky straw ….. yeeks …. I must look elsewhere …..

A jogger just went past… nice legs….

This must mean it’s time for me to give up my seat to the next visitor of this fine establishment .

Have a lovely Sunday my bearded beauties and aked faced hotties alike.

Live Natural – Live Fee.

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Cannibalism, murder trial begins in Brazil

Now this is good reading at the breakfast table… lol.

I was eating my somewhat icky sausages when I saw this article and I just started giggling … you know what sorta looks I get from weirdos in the cafe ? Yea.. lol exactly .. 🙂

Still.. The breakfast was nice….MEATY and yum.


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what awaits us

What awaits us
on the other side?


Tell me what awaits us

in the unknown light

tell me who will be there

to comfort us at night

tell me who will encourage us

in the midst of pending death

Tell me what awaits us

upon our final breath.



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Tonight, there were fire dancers in a local park. Smile


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2010–2011 New Years In Auckland

Totally Lame…

LOL, here are some even more totally Lame images… Winking smile

A short video is at the BOTTOM of the page.!! 

This hasn’t been the greatest year for me, it’s been fairly horrible in parts.. but that’s ok.

I have, on the other hand, got to know (and met) some totally amazing people , of which I am very grateful.

2011 for me… well, travel to more countries, meet more people and see and experience more things..


Travel plans for 2011 to date:

Mid-year 2011 – Hawaii for a week (Oahu) again to catch up with a very dear friend

Mid-End 2011 – Taiwan and / Hong Kong or Singapore or Thailand

2012 – Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, China

2013 – Other Places. Smile 


Thanks and…


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There’s a superman in every city… Smile








Random Guy Filming the Fire Works



Street entertainers



She looked very elegant..





These two lovely ladies posed for me, if anyone knows who they are please get them to get in touch.. I’d love to do a shoot with them.



Gathering crowd at the middle of town to watch the fire works



Random Fire Works images from atop of our communications tower, Sky City Casino Tower





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Hawaii – Day 2

Good evening humanites.. 🙂


Well, today started off slow, I met up with a lovely person from blogtv today… LadyJenivie @ (you should catch her show, click on her name, its a link)  the meet was for mid-day, so i managed to get fairly lost… really.. navigational devices are crap.. either that, or I’m lame at driving on the wrong side of the road.. still got to see things i never knew existed 🙂

After the meet, I went for a drive (another way of saying i got lost again) and this is what became..


This is me, driving, and fairly lost…. I seem to do lost really well… *sighs*


Keeping with that theme….

I drove some more….


I went here also…..


FINALLY… I saw a sign…….. a sign… not the sign…



yeah.. I ended up here….

An actual Radio Shack… hardly any radios though… weird that..



I saw one of these…



I had a bite to eat here…


This was the fooding….



I also saw one of these…


and these….


… that fairly much covers all the food groups I can think of 🙂


Then, I went for a drive, and ended up in a place called Helemano Military Reservation…… now, it has to be said at this point, I drove around a little, didnt get out of the car, kept the doors locked and tried to look blendy-inny with the area.. I failed….  I took a few pictures only, to show what the housing was like.. and I was kinda shocked, cause what I saw, really reminded me of what I hate about my hometown, also a very touristy type place, and what effects it has on the local people…

2010_03_11_IMG_1100 2010_03_11_IMG_1101 2010_03_11_IMG_1106 2010_03_11_IMG_11052010_03_11_IMG_11032010_03_11_IMG_1104   


I continued on.. and found pineapples… yerrr  pineapples…..


Yes indeed, but I got there just as they were closing up…. so I’m going to go back another day, its a plantation, and you can go look around and stuff… while inside, I did spot this…

OMG Hello Kitty Marsh Mellows :)  … Im gona have to buy me a few of those later I think :



I Stopped at a local Serv-O for a quick break and found this….


Not quite a Twinky… but close… so very very close….. *drools* they didn’t last long, shortly after that photo was taken, they died a horrible but befitting death  *grins* IN MA TUMMY! 🙂

Anyone know where in Honolulu I can get real TWINKYS from ? 🙂


I kept going, and ended up in a place called the North Shore , where I sampled some of the worlds most EXPENSIVE fish and chips…. at this place..


Costed me $17USD for 1 bit of icky fish, some fries, and a Root beer… Oh well…

After that, I droved home, only stopping in traffic for a moment to snap this fairly useless picture of a building…



Well, that was it for today…


Nite Nite humanites 🙂


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