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Matrin Maple 130 Photography Bag

HI Everyone, (And Victoria)

Firstly, thanks for reading my blog… didn’t think anyone did Smile 

I got a request from a lovely person via facebook asking about a camera bag I bought last year ( this link here ) and what I thought.. so I thought I’d write a little review on it.. as terrible as I am at these things, here goes…

(it’s mostly a cut/paste from my reply) and I’ve added photos at the bottom.

I got it  in Feb 2011, and still have it. I use it fairly often, and it’s been wonderful. It’ is quite light weight at about 1.2 kg, which is very acceptable as it is a very well made and durable bag. I have it decided into 5 pouches, two either side and the centre for the camera body. It’s fairly deep, so it takes the Canon 70-200 nicely, and I pack a few more lenses and the 580ex2 flash in there also. It has ample internal side pockets for things like paperwork, accessories, memory cards, and so on, and a few good outer pockets also, namely one on either side where the shoulder strap joins on, perfect size that fits the standard side pump water bottles.. so always good for that smile The only thing I would say, is that as it is a two-space wide bag, its a little big sometimes and I wonder about a single space, so i mean, to take a single lens and body, as opposed to two lenses side by side. just to make it a bit more slimmer.. but then I always want to carry a few different lenses so I never end up buying a new bag.

My main bag is a Lowepro Trekker Plus AW, which is fantastic, holds most all of my kit and randomness, and my old slimmer laptop, and I have used this to travel over seas with. I got that because it fits within the restraints of hand-held baggage compartment.

Images of the Martin Maple 130, 1.5 years after purchase and a lot of use.




The Lowepro Trekker Plus AW (main bag)



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Hope this helps, and I didn’t prattle on too much, nice hearing from you, and please feel free to stay in touch if you so wish smile
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Beat Nik Asia Vol2 @ Kings Arms Tavern Dec 2011


Various bands played at the Beat Nik Vol 2. gig at the Kings Arms Tavern tonight, it was a good vibe, the bands were good and fun, and the crowd had a great time.  Here are some random images and a bit of video from the night…. video is at the bottom… there’s a lot of images… be patient Smile

Kings Arms Tavern

My Blog Site

My Web Site








Beat Nik Asia Vol2 @ Kings Arms Tavern Dec 2011



Beat Nik Asia Vol2 @ Kings Arms Tavern Dec 2011



Beat Nik Asia Vol2 @ Kings Arms Tavern Dec 2011

Music in the Parks series :) March 2011


Here are some snippets from this weekends Music in the Parks series.

Some Blues, some Jazz, some Indian Smile

Sorry, the videos are a bit rough, it was a mad-windy day and I had to be somewhat selective about what I could shoot Smile 







2010–2011 New Years In Auckland

Totally Lame…

LOL, here are some even more totally Lame images… Winking smile

A short video is at the BOTTOM of the page.!! 

This hasn’t been the greatest year for me, it’s been fairly horrible in parts.. but that’s ok.

I have, on the other hand, got to know (and met) some totally amazing people , of which I am very grateful.

2011 for me… well, travel to more countries, meet more people and see and experience more things..


Travel plans for 2011 to date:

Mid-year 2011 – Hawaii for a week (Oahu) again to catch up with a very dear friend

Mid-End 2011 – Taiwan and / Hong Kong or Singapore or Thailand

2012 – Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, China

2013 – Other Places. Smile 


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There’s a superman in every city… Smile








Random Guy Filming the Fire Works



Street entertainers



She looked very elegant..





These two lovely ladies posed for me, if anyone knows who they are please get them to get in touch.. I’d love to do a shoot with them.



Gathering crowd at the middle of town to watch the fire works



Random Fire Works images from atop of our communications tower, Sky City Casino Tower





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