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Is how I feel.

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We danced a little

We danced a little, both of us on-edge,

strangers in eachothers arms, comfort found in distance.

Our conversations are always fragrant, full of fresh summer mornings,

yet also still – like evenings laying together under snow-crested trees.


I don’t recall the apart-time much, fragments that wake me with 3am chills.

found listening carefully, noises inside your tummy after few drinks,

Staggered words foreboding foretelling of what’s not to come.


am I Stronger, I could be, not close to hillsides or rivers,

just, daisies swaying in midday heat, but stronger.


illusions, still plague me though, vermin at the feet of our dead,

not pushed past boundaries in need of crossing, no release,

just hanging on, slivers of willingness under duress, losing grip on time.


No one to reach out to anymore, anywhere are voids vast vulnerable,

safe though, safe, not here, just unwilling to be afraid of it,

lying creatures as we are, jesting for coverage both in need.


Swiftly quickly, left behind remnants remains left of us

no sollum sad staged goodbyes, just this corse dust.


human hands outreach outstretched outside us now,

pushed beyond broken, no more, no more –

found you again, at last, my last breath, you’re well.













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She Lied, So did I – who said what – mood

So what ?

here… let me unplug you.


ok, so now you know…

not sure where to go from here… what ?

ok, … I like leave in conditioner..

Show me more ? show you more, showmore ?

what’s the matter you… sirup your face…


all but dead in this box, banging lifelessly,

swinging doors, that open like my mind at your feet.

don’t beg.


sounds like potato…

this one… is in remembrance .. of an embrace that never happened.


pressing… slowly slowly, pressing, do you feel it ?


step back a little, … yeah, yeah that’s it… ok now, softer hands… softer… HOLD..

Tree: Model:

Are you free ? Are you a girl in a tree ?

I think….. i don’t belong here.


I should go now.

thank you.


Seems i lied… what did you expect, did you not read the title ?

Sometimes we are popular…

Sometimes we have to go with the m-flo .. cause we better than that seamo..

But who lies now ?


That’s right, we all do.





Exploring Life where
ever it may take me.

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