In other news….

I need more laundry detergent.. oh and cleaning clay off tyres is hard work man. Anyone got any tips (that’s what she said)

Exceptional TikTok entertainment and other pointless news

Actually I’m just testing the updated WP app ..

TikTok is a joke. Most all governments don’t understand technology and a lot by their own admission. However the moment you opt to put pineapple on pizza you become a champion of the universe and should be rewarded .. bite me.

Also, how come your mom looks so hot today ?

Massive hemorrhoid to pass by merth and the

you’ll never guess that I got that title wrong 🤣

Entertain me with misread titles

Wrong sided medical hiccups or stupid bipedal buggery?

here’s an interesting story from the beeeeb that’s worth a glance though I stopped at the 16% of mistakes in surgery part , 16% holy batfuckman.

Not a suppose though as many years ago when I unfortunately had kidney stones on my left side I was being checked out of hospital with the documentation stating it was the right side , and boy did I have to somewhat mildly argue with the doctor on duty to get that corrected

And I know of people that have had their lives changed due to medical McFuckeries here and over seas.

So I wonder if that 16% is actually a lot higher in New Zealand ….

Over all overalls are something you’d wear over all your clothing before doing something dirty …..

So dress up before you mess up.

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Tricky depends on what you think is real

so this article….


Unsettling cost of living

it’s always interesting to look at stats from other countries to see how the world is plodding along.

This time it’s wages v cost of living in the UK, where in the year to date apparently wages rose about 5.7% but cost of living calculated with inflation actually made it a wage decrease of about 2.7%.

Again can’t say if the source of the stats is credible but looking at life here in NZ it’s probably not far off.

Just having come back from Hawaii and noting how much prices have gone up there I’d say those stats are not too far off.

Live, laugh, fart 👍

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