Death and the process of murder hidden by internal politics and the an inability to emotionally connect with human life.

Go on, I dare you to realise that reality and history are not the same thing.

China and the US – stupid or just dumb

In the bbc article above, there is hope in the title that China may have more sense than America when it comes to conflict – yet in the body of the article there is evidence that neither have a brain.



Beardyman Adventures launches website

Well here’s some entertaining news, those epic humans over at Beardyman Adventures are launching their website and have a ton of new videos on their YT channel

Inside word from the team is the website is a trial and may or may not getting fancier lol

Go on over to and check it out.

Also check out their YouTube channel and throw them a like, subscribe and comment and say you saw this post and it made you want to become a subscriber for a shoutout in the comments 🤣

Cheesey but fun.

Japan to reclassify C19

Good. Smart move.

Utah teens getting it rough .. or are they ..

so funny. Who cares.

Go camping.

also if parents think social media companies need to do more to protect their children then the parents are the lazy ass ones to blame.

Be a better parent


In other news….

I need more laundry detergent.. oh and cleaning clay off tyres is hard work man. Anyone got any tips (that’s what she said)

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