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BBC News: Is the nude selfie a new art form?

BBC News – Is the nude selfie a new art form?

Broken realities and small tokens of thanks.

We live in a world screaming out for the rock of stability .. the ruin of the ages, some balance to our lives as individuals and as a clustered package.

I used to send nudes.. to myself… and i took offence to that and scolded myself …and enjoyed it

If media / people – arw going to start classing sending selfie nudes arount the place and calling it art … well… fuck me…. what do we call the statue of David ?



Pointless ramblings of big media outlets.

Spelling mistakes.

BBC News: Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding pictures: Why were they controversial?

Tamara Ecclestone breastfeeding pictures: Why were they controversial? –

Isn’t it sad when an article like this gets commented upon.. even published… 

Because people are rapidly losing touch with how things in the real world work. 

We didn’t magically appear all washed dressed and ready to go… we all started life out as babies ..  All needed feeding , cleaning, etc.. and naturally breastfeeding feeding is how it’s done. 

This new generation of “OMG I’m so offended by that ” people – are going to be the end of sensibility in this world…. 

Lost has become most all common sense .. breading forthcoming generations of mindless uneducated out of touch with reality drones …. 

Thank goodness I still have food in my life lol
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