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Maa Vue–Angels have voices


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I have spent countless days and decades of time exploring the internet, and all the time I am reminded of how much closers this technology brings us.

Youtube is a blessing, as music is a passion, it offers almost limitless opportunities for me to discover new music.

And, there within, I found Maa Vue.

Every song she sings comes from the heart, every word breathed, every lingering pause and passionate expression, reminds me that, in this vastness we call the internet, encapsulated here in this beautiful world of ours…. are humble people who just want to share their joy and love of music or any other artistic expression, with everyone else.

Here are a few of my favourite tracks from Maa.

I hope you take the time to explore her ever growing collection of works, and experience for yourself, the peace that can be found in song.


Maa Vue on Facebook

Maa Vue on Youtube


Maa Vue–Tsab Ntawv (original)–My Personal favourite


Maa Vue–Nyob Ua Kev (original)



Maa Vue on Facebook

Maa Vue on Youtube



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Miho Wada Book and CD Launch–Dec 2011

Miho’s Jazz Orchestra


A selection of images (and a video) from the Miho Wada Book and CD Launch at Aucklands CJC Jazz Club.  (see bottom of blog for more)


Miho Wada Jazz Book and CD Launch December 2011 ©





Miho Wada – Jazz Book and CD Launch.

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MORE VIDEOS: (from other sources)

Miho’s Jazz Orchestra plays Cats Out at the Cafe One 2 One, Ponsonby, Auckland, Dec 2011

Miho’s Jazz Orchestra–Cats Out © Miho Wada



Miho’s Jazz Orchestra plays Bailamos at the Cafe One 2 One, Ponsonby, Auckland, Dec 2011

Miho’s Jazz Orchestra plays Bailamos © Miho Wada




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Thai Festival 2011, Auckland, New Zealand

Annual Thai Festival, held in Auckland.

Some snippets and two unedited videos from the festivities….

watch out for people with white powder lol Smile

It was a great day Smile






Miho Wada & Band @ Thirsty Dog fund raising event – March 2011


Miho Wada and her band were part of a fund raising event this evening at a local watering hole called Thirsty Dog, for the Christchurch earthquake.

A minutes thought was held for the victims of the Christchurch Earthquake , and also a minutes though for the victims of the Tsunami in Japan.

Please spare a thought for all those who are suffering in the world. Although it may feel like you are unable to help, even just sending positive energy is a great help. Remember those who are less fortunate then you.









Thank you.



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