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Music at different levels of HELL YEAH … ?

From around the planet… or sorta.. Smile






Ugly Fish


From a few weeks ago, had some really good Thai food, called Deep Friend Fish with Chilli… nom nom nom Smile

The fish is a local NZ fish called SNAPPER  <<– (clickable link).

It’ looks ugly as sin, but tastes really good :)… what do you think ?
leave some comments, keep it clean please Smile


ugly fish

More Music–Thailand


As you breath in and out, don’t forget to expand your mind. Smile






As you breath in and out, don’t forget to expand your mind. Smile

Hearing the Sunshine…




Follow the series on youtube.

It’s lovely Smile

Thai Festival 2011, Auckland, New Zealand

Annual Thai Festival, held in Auckland.

Some snippets and two unedited videos from the festivities….

watch out for people with white powder lol Smile

It was a great day Smile






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