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Moments with Kat–Fall of 2013

Had the opportunity to work with the adorably lovely Kat.

Here’s three.



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sometimes in the night


you touch my skin

like a soft pink light

and i feel like death

but it feels all-right

because sometimes in the night

you touch my skin

like a blood red light




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Thai Festival 2011, Auckland, New Zealand

Annual Thai Festival, held in Auckland.

Some snippets and two unedited videos from the festivities….

watch out for people with white powder lol Smile

It was a great day Smile






Fine Lines were…

the expression on her face, as life ran from her.

the coldness in her breath as it left unwillingly.

the steamy moist desire of red, flowing freely.

exploration of her hand, grasping at fading strands of hope.

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