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Adventure 2014-2015 – Epic RoadTrip – South Island – NZ – Part 7

Adventure 2014-2015 – Epic RoadTrip – South Island – NZ – Part 7


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BeardyMan Adventures!!!

The Story of an amazing little beardyman on an 

Epic Adventure around the South Island of New Zealand… 

Moments of videos and pictures of his journey… 

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Miho Wada & Band @ Thirsty Dog fund raising event – March 2011


Miho Wada and her band were part of a fund raising event this evening at a local watering hole called Thirsty Dog, for the Christchurch earthquake.

A minutes thought was held for the victims of the Christchurch Earthquake , and also a minutes though for the victims of the Tsunami in Japan.

Please spare a thought for all those who are suffering in the world. Although it may feel like you are unable to help, even just sending positive energy is a great help. Remember those who are less fortunate then you.









Thank you.

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